Henry Clay Owen Employee of the Quarter

Each quarter University Financial Services selects an employee of the quarter from nominations received within the deparment and from campus.  The Henry Clay Owen "Nice" Award is named after the former Treasurer of the University.  The "NICE" award stands for noteworthy performance, innovation & improvement, customer service & communication and excellence.  If you would like to nominate a University Financial Services employee please fill out this form and e-mail to UFS@uky.edu.


Employee of the Quarter (October to December 2017) - Christy Goodley, Accounting and Financial Reporting Services

Christy was nominated by her manager.  Read below to see what they had to say about Christy!


One example of noteworthy performance by Christy that demonstrates outstanding performance during the third and fourth quarters is her extensive involvement in the roll out the new Z4 payroll document process to campus.The new Z4 document type was developed this year and will result in more accurate payroll reporting for departments as well as more accurate financial statement reporting for the University.The Z4 document type is for JVs that involve payroll and was designed to include data integrity checks against actual payroll postings in SAP.This ensures each line item on the JV matches what has been posted through payroll.

Christy attended several meetings regarding this new process, performed Z4 document testing in SAP, offered valuable feedback/suggestions, assisted in training pilot groups, assisted in practice sessions, assisted in several trainings provided to campus during year end in July and August which is our busiest time of the year, created the quick reference guides for the University Financial Services website for campus to access and attended and updated the training slides for the Hand in Hand training class in September.Christy demonstrated leadership and teamwork in her participation in these trainings as well as offered her assistance after the trainings for a lab session for anyone who wanted to practice the new process.Christy also stepped up when the quick reference guides were mentioned in an email as needed quickly.She research what they were, proactively created them and got them ready to be published to the University Financial Services website.

I     INNOVATION and IMPROVEMENT (self or continuous process)

Christy’s extensive participation in the preliminary and eventually roll out of the new Z4 payroll document process demonstrates her willingness to foster process improvements here at the University. 

Providing training encourages innovation and thinking on the spot to answer questions that arise.  Christy did an excellent job taking part in these trainings.  Christy demonstrated innovative thinking every time she worked with someone to assist them in the new process by coming up with a solution to their problem.

Christy also created a worksheet to log all of the issues encountered during the rollout of the new Z4 payroll document process so we could identify areas of improvement.


Christy is the primary payroll document reviewer and poster in Accounting and Financial Reporting Services.Christy has helped campus staff navigate through this new process by demonstrating exceptional customer service through effective communication with campus staff to resolve the problems they have encountered.Christy promptly responds to campus emails and offers detailed resolutions to each problem.Christy answers phone calls regarding Z4 documents issues and listens attentively and with patience and provides support and guidance to campus staff.


In addition to the quality and excellence in work performance mentioned above, Christy assists on a daily basis in any area she is needed.During September she worked on the salaries for the Form 990s.Christy demonstrates excellence and quality in her work by making sure the payroll data ran in her reports ties to what is produced on the W2s.This is a rather large task as it involves looking back five years.Christy does an excellent job ensuring accurate salary reporting for the Form 990 which is essential.


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