Recently Updated BPM's

New Payroll BPM’s- all Issued April 5, 2018

E-8-3 Beneficiary Payments

To establish policies for beneficiary payments as it relates to payment of employee wages to an executor or legal representative.

E-8-4  Cost Distribution Methods

Policy established cost allocation/distribution methods as it relates to the payment of employee wages.  

E-8-5    Direct Deposit

Policy outlines specific procedures as related to direct deposit as method of payment for employee wages as required by AR 3:3.

E-8-7 Lost Stolen Checks Stop Payment Request

Policy provides guidance to employees for reporting lost or stolen payroll checks.

E-8-8 Name and Social Security Changes

Policy provides guidance to employees to update HR/Payroll record for name and social security number changes.

E-8-9 Pay Check Distribution

Policy establishes procedures for payroll check distribution.

E-8-10 Pay Periods, Pay Dates, and Processing Schedules

Policy establishes the pay period, pay dates and processing procedures for processing payroll.

E-8-11 Missed Pay Request

Policy outlines the criteria for missed pay check request and procedures to obtain.

E-8-12 Payroll Overpayments

Policy establishes procedures for the recovery of payroll overpayments.

E-8-13 Taxable Fringe Benefits

Policy provides guidance to departments for appropriate reporting of taxable fringe benefit payments to Payroll Services.

Other Updated BPM's

Q-1-1  General Reponsibilities

June 11th, 2018

Policy revised to update wording from Lexington Campus, Chandler Medical Center and UK Hospital to University and UK Healthcare.