Recently Updated BPM's

E-18 Policy for Restricted Fund Participation becomes E-2-2 Investment Earnings Policy

The Policy for Restricted Fund Participation in Investment Earnings Policy, previously numbered E-18, has been moved under Treasury Operations and will now be E-2-2 and renamed Investment Earnings Policy. The policy was updated to  reflect the new operating cash investment tiers as defined in the University’s Operating Fund Investment Policy which was amended on May 2, 2017.  The policy was also expanded to cover the allocation of investment earnings for affiliated organizations and other funds which receive investment earnings in addition to the restricted fund participation which was previously covered under E-18.

B-11 Research Foundation Contracting

June 26, 2017

Policy had minor revision for formatting and to add language on continuing to comply with 2 C.F.R. 215 and 220 until adopting the procurement standards in accordance with Uniform Guidance 2 C.F.R 200 on July 1, 2018.

D-1-1 Motor Vehicle Insurance

July 19, 2017

Policy had minor revision for formatting and to add employee and university business use definitions. Also includes additional explanation of fleet insurance policy coverage.

D-1-2 Persons Authorized to Use Vehicles

July 19, 2017

Policy had minor revision to update format and add employee and electronic communication device definitions. Also addresses students may not drive any University owned vehicles and requires seatbelt use while operating University vehicles.

D-1-3 Golf Carts and Utility Vehicles

July 21, 2017

Added responsibility for employees of contractors and vendors to complete the University’s Cart Safety Training Program offered by Environmental Health & Safety.

D-2 Unmanned Aircraft

July 21, 2017

Policy had minor revision to update format. Policy section IV. F. 4 added to limit operating UAS to daylight hours.

E-4 Journal Voucher

July 25, 2017

Policy was updated to include new payroll document type Z4. Addresses specific format and documentation required for any cost allocations or corrections to payroll general ledger codes. See also new policy E-8-2 Retroactive Payroll Adjustments.

E-7-8 Relocation Expenses for Newly Hired or Transferred Faculty and Staff

July 21, 2017       

Policy was updated to current format and to add clarify payments may not be charged to sponsored projects to ensure compliance with Uniform Guidance. In addition, the maximum dollar amount for relocation expenses made consistent regardless of option selected.

E-7-12 Employee Awards

July 21, 2017

Major revision to update dollar limits based upon benchmark review and current approved programs. Table added to clarify specific dollar criteria for employee awards by funding source and applicable tax treatment.

E-8-1 Criteria for Payroll Deductions

Policy updated to current format.

E-8-2 Retroactive Payroll Adjustments

July 25, 2017

A new policy issued to provide guidance to staff for processing retroactive adjustments within the SAP HR/Payroll system outside the earliest retroactive date. A new form will be used to request a payroll retroactive adjustment for periods prior to the current earliest retroactive date (ERD) affect compensation. Cost allocations or distributions outside the ERD will be processed by journal voucher using new document type of Z4. See also E-4 for specific instructions.

E-11-1 Penalty for Late Payment to Vendors

July 21, 2017

Policy had minor revision for formatting.

E-14-2 Private Business Use of Tax- Advantaged Bond Financed Facilities

August 1, 2017

New policy to outline the federal laws and regulations governing the use of facilities financed with tax –advantaged bonds. Campus personnel should contact UFS prior to entering into any agreement that might constitute private business use in a bond-financed facility. Potential private business use would include management contracts, leases of facilities, naming rights contracts and unrelated business income activities.

E-21-5 Collections and Write-off for Student and Loan Receivable

July 19, 2017

Policy was updated to remove prescribed percentages used in calculation of bad debt reserve to provide flexibility based upon most current collection rate data.