When did the tobacco-free policy go into effect?

November 12, 2009 for all University of Kentucky property.

What does tobacco-free mean?

The use of tobacco products of any kind is prohibited on all University and Medical Campus grounds.  This includes, but is not limited to: parking lots or structures, vacant University buildings, or any area with University Landscaping (stone walls, flower beds, etc.).

Who is affected by this policy?

Respecting the policy is everyone's business and applies to all employees, patients, visitors, students, vendors and contractors.

What is considered a tobacco product and therefore prohibited by the policy?

Cigarettes, E-cigarettes, cigars, snuff, snus, water pipes, pipes, hookahs, chew, and any other non-combustible tobacco product.

Do employees, students, and visitors have to quit using tobacco products?

No. The University of Kentucky is not asking anyone to quit. This policy simply means no one can use tobacco products on University of Kentucky property and grounds.

What is the University doing to help people manage their cravings while on campus?

To help manage your cravings on campus, the University offers Nicotine Replacement Products for a very low cost at these convenient locations:

  • Kentucky Clinic Pharmacy – 740 S. Limestone, J-134 Kentucky Clinic – on the first floor of the Kentucky Clinic facility at the Limestone entrance
  • University Health Service Pharmacy – 830 S. Limestone – on the first floor of the University Health Service Building (across the street from Speedway®)
  • UK Chandler Hospital Gift Shop – 800 Rose Street – 1st floor off the main lobby
  • UK Good Samaritan Hospital Gift Shop – 310 S. Limestone – lower level
  • Chandler Retail Pharmacy, Pavillion A – 800 Rose St. – Second Floor

    UK Convenience Stores:

  • Blazer Xpress – Located on North Campus next to Blazer Café, on the corner of Martin Luther King and Keeneland Dr.
  • Corner Store – Located on South Campus next to Commons Market in the Kirwan/Blanding Complex
  • Quick Stop – Located in the Student Center just inside the bridge entrance across from Starbucks®
Can I use tobacco in my personal vehicle while on campus?

No. Tobacco use is prohibited in all UK-operated parking areas, and when on UK property, both inside and outside of vehicles.

Are other universities tobacco-free?

Yes. The University of Kentucky joins more than 700 other United States college and universities with smoke- or tobacco-free policies (pdf).

What should I say to someone who is violating the tobacco-free policy?

"Are you aware that we do not allow the use of tobacco products of any kind on our campus? I ask you to please respect our policy and put your cigarette out (or other tobacco product) and dispose of it in a trash can.  Instead of using tobacco on campus, we have nicotine replacement available for a discounted price to manage your cravings and help you feel more comfortable."

If you are not comfortable approaching someone who is violating the tobacco-free policy, you can use our report line and send the information to: ReportTFviolation@uky.edu.

What is the University of Kentucky doing to help employees who want to quit using tobacco products?

UK offers multiple programs to help employees who want to quit using tobacco products. Click on the "Quit Here" menu link for more information. A special section is available for faculty and staff.

What is the University of Kentucky doing to help students who want to quit using tobacco products?

UK offers multiple programs to help students who want to quit using tobacco products. Click on the "Quit Here!" menu link for more information.  A special section is available for UK students.

I am interested in tobacco treatment resources, but am not an employee or student at the University of Kentucky. What resources are available to me?

The University of Kentucky values the health and well-being of everyone who uses our facilities. If you use tobacco products and would like to quit, discuss with your physician or other health care provider which of the approaches may work best for you.

A variety of resources to help stop using tobacco, if you choose to do so, are available. Visit the "Quit Here!" menu link for more information.

Why are e-cigarettes included in this policy?

The FDA has the authority to regulate e-cigarettes as a tobacco product For more information on e-cigarettes: http://www.uky.edu/breathe/tobacco-policy/quick-facts-topic/e-cigarettes-and-hookah

Why are there no designated smoking areas?

There are two reasons why UK decided not to create designated smoking areas.
First, designated smoking areas are not consistent with the policy. The aim of UK's tobacco-free policy is to create a healthy environment to live, work, and learn. Creating smoking areas sends a message that tobacco use is acceptable; rather, the university promotes healthy lifestyles and provides assistance for students and employees who are ready to quit and for those who need to manage their addiction symptoms while on campus.
Second, designated smoking areas create confusion and are a compliance challenge. Rarely do people comply with designated smoking areas, so the "area" expands more and more.

Why are there no receptacles or ash trays by areas where people tend to smoke more?

Since tobacco products are not allowed anywhere on campus, placing ashtrays, butt receptacles, or trash cans sends the wrong message. By placing receptacles for butts, it implicitly says that smoking or tobacco use is encouraged there. This would be inconsistent with our policy. Rather, the goal is to promote compliance with the policy through signage, assessable tobacco treatment, positive yet firm scripting, and butt clean up. We do not want to encourage or enable tobacco use in any way.

Where can I smoke?

The use of tobacco products is prohibited on all university owned grounds.  A map which includes the boundaries of the university can be found under the "Policy" menu link.

How will the tobacco-free policy be enforced?

To ensure compliance is achieved through a universal message via scripting and policy education, Tobacco-free Ambassadors are out on campus to remind students, staff, faculty, visitors, contractors, and vendors to respect the policy.

We understand that it takes time to gain full compliance with a tobacco-free campus policy. It has been nearly three years since the policy took effect on UK's entire campus, and we need to regularly remind staff, faculty, students, contractors, and visitors about the policy.

Are pod-based e-cigarettes (e.g., Juul, Sourin) and disposable e-cigarettes included in the tobacco-free policy?

Yes. These are all types of e-cigarettes which are covered under our policy. They are not permitted to be used in any campus buildings, residence halls, and anywhere on the University of Kentucky’s property.