Help YOU Quit

How We Can Help You Quit or Manage Your Symptoms

UK supports its employees and students who want to quit using tobacco products by offering individual and group tobacco treatment programs at no cost for one series of classes - including nicotine replacement products (typically the patch). This offer is for students and their spouses, and employees and their spouses or sponsored dependents.

For employees and students who do not want to quit but need help to feel more comfortable at work or during class, nicotine replacement gum may be purchased in campus convenience stores, gift shops at UK Chandler and Good Samaritan hospitals, Kentucky Clinic Pharmacy, Chandler Retail Pharmacy, or University Health Service Pharmacy. These locations, except for the hospital gifts shops, also carry the nicotine patch. Some products are significantly less expensive than those found in commercial pharmacies. Other options may be available to you under your health benefits program. Visit the following locations for more information. At UHS Student Health you can be seen by a provider for counseling and management. There is a pharmacy in the building for your convenience. Call 859 323 2778 for an appointment and ask for provider Jodi Durbin  APRN, Tobacco Free Campus Committee. 

  • Kentucky Clinic Pharmacy - 740 S. Limestone, J-134 Kentucky Clinic - on the first floor of the Kentucky Clinic facility at the Limestone entrance
  • University Health Service Pharmacy - 830 S. Limestone - on the first floor of the University Health Service Building (across the street from Speedway®)
  • Chandler Retail Pharmacy, Pavillion A - 800 Rose St. - First floor, across from the Don & Mira Ball Surgery Waiting Area (Room A.01.113)
  • Wildcat Pantry @ The 90 - 440 Hilltop Avenue, Lexington, KY 40506
  • Wildcat Pantry at Holmes Hall - 111 Ave of Champions, Lexington, KY 40526