Waste Pick-Up Requests (E-Trax)


Using a simple three-step process, E-Trax enables UK to systematically track and document all aspects of its hazardous (and other special) waste generation, management and disposal activities.  Not only does E-Trax serve as a critical component of UK’s regulatory compliance strategy it also provides an uncomplicated and proficient means for those who generate the waste to ensure its safe and timely pick-up by trained personnel from the Environmental Quality Management Department (EQM).


ALERT: E-Trax can only be accessed by individuals with verification of up-to-date Hazardous Waste training. See the Hazardous Waste Management Training page for more information.



Within the E-Trax system, the individual generator is responsible for creating Waste Cards for each container of waste.  These cards are attached to each container normally by insertion into a special plastic sleeve provided by EQM or simply taped onto the container.  Information on the Waste Card includes:

  • The exact location of the waste (i.e., building name and room number),
  • The chemical constituents which are presented on the basis of percentage, volume or mass, the size of the container,
  • The date on which the waste container is full and ready for pick-up, and
  • The Principal Investigator’s name.

The Waste Cards are submitted electronically within the E-Trax system to EQM by the generator when they are ready for a pick-up.  Still within the E-Trax system, EQM transfers the information into a Pick-Up Worksheet (i.e., a log of all removal requests) that summarizes all of the outstanding Waste Cards that have yet to be picked-up by EQM.

Utilizing the Pick-Up Worksheet, EQM regularly schedules the pick-up of waste from the various waste-generating locations both on and off campus.  Unless a special pick-up is requested, waste is picked up within five working days of receipt of the submitted Waste Card.

After verifying a match with the information on the Pick-Up Worksheet with that on the Waste Cards EQM staff picks up the waste containers and transports them to the on-campus permitted hazardous waste storage facility, the Environmental Quality Management Center (EQMC).  At the EQMC and using the information provided by the generator on the Waste Card the EQM staff prepares all waste for either shipment to an off-site commercial permitted facility for final treatment or disposal location or treatment within the EQMC.

Brian Butler of the EQM has been designated as the official administrator of the E-Trax system and his contact information is (859) 323-5005, brianbutler@uky.edu.