January 14, 2013

UK Core Education Committee (UKCEC)
Date of Meeting: 
Monday, January 14, 2013
Location of Meeting: 
Keeneland Room, WT Young Library, 2:00-4:00 pm
Members Present Ex-Officio Present Guests Present
Jonathan Allison Debbie Sharp Leah Simpson
Ruth Beattie Mike Shanks Chris Thuringer
Heather Bush    
Amy Gaffney    
Susan Larson    
Juliana McDonald    
Jenny Rice    



1.     College of Social Work 2+2 Program Courses

Follow-up of Karen Badger’s proposal for a new 2+2 Program between UK’s College of Social Work and Qingdao Technological University (Q-Tech) in China.  UKCEC was asked to review the course information provided by Q-Tech and decide if these courses fulfill corresponding UK Core areas.  A discussion was held to determine how much information the UKCEC needs in order to accept these courses and approve this proposal.  With this little information, the Registrar’s office will have a difficult time determining equivalencies.  However, it was pointed out that even with GETA certification equivalencies are not exact, and these courses should probably be accepted. 


One revision request to the proposal will be communicated to Karen Badger.  The suggestion was made to move the Computer Programming Foundation course from Arts and Creativity, as there is not a clear creative component to the course.  This would leave a space open for a more appropriate Arts and Creativity course from Q-Tech.


2.     Language Requirement

Follow up from December 3rd discussion regarding how the University language requirement fits in to UK Core.  Ruth Beattie will contact Senate Council on behalf of the UKCEC and propose the formation of a Language Requirement Implementation committee to identify how language proficiency will be determined.  Susan Larson will communicate information to Ruth regarding the conversations that have already taken place in the Humanities and MCL departments to give Senate Council some background.


3.     Instructor Feedback Sessions

Chris Thuringer is coordinating sessions on Friday, February 1 to receive feedback from instructors who have taught UK Core courses and been through the evaluation process.  There will be a separate session for each of the four learning outcomes with 8-10 instructors from each Core area being invited to attend.  These instructors will be asked to provide feedback on what student learning improvements have been made since the implementation of UK Core, and what modifications instructors are making to their approach to teaching these courses because of the evaluation process.  UKCEC Area Experts should email Chris to recommend instructors who could attend.


4.     Enrollment Data for UK Core Courses

Presented by Chris Thuringer.  UK Core enrollment data will help the University anticipate what needs to be provided seat-wise for these courses, and what space issues may be encountered.  Monitoring enrollment will help ensure we’re fulfilling the needs of students while facing the challenge of teaching more students with fewer resources. 


A question was brought up regarding whether or not the UKCEC holds the responsibility of regulating how many courses are offered in each Core area to maximize enrollment in the offered courses and prevent courses being dropped due to lack of enrollment. 


5.     Meeting adjourned at 3:35 pm.


Prepared by Joanie Ett-Mims on January 17, 2013.


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