February 17, 2014

UK Core Education Committee
Date of Meeting: 
Monday, February 17, 2014
Location of Meeting: 
Room 245 Patterson Office Tower
Members Present Ex-Officio Present Guests Present
Jonathan Allison   Leah Simpson
Ruth Beattie   Chris Thuringer
Russell Brown    
Tracy Campbell    
Amy Gaffney    
Brian McNely    
Ben Withers (Chair)    


  1. Approval of minutes from February 10, 2014 meeting

Approved by consensus.  

  1. Consent Agenda

Arts and Creativity ENG 168 – All That Speak of Jazz: An Intellectual Inquiry into Jazz and Democracy -approved  

  1. Assessment Update/Discussion (continued from 2/10/14 meeting)

The UKCEC has agreed to revise the assessment rubrics from a five-point to a three-point rating scale.  The scale will still include a score of ‘zero’ for each row on the rubric.  A score of zero will be used to indicate that the assignment does not meet the criteria of that row.  Currently, the ‘zero’ scores are included in the assessment averages, but the UKCEC agreed these should not be included in the future.  Given this, it may make more sense to use ‘N/A’ instead of ‘zero.’  Russell Brown also suggested using a median score as opposed to an average, as it will be more useful in these assessments.    Chris Thuringer will work on revising the language of the rubrics to fit the three-point scale and then forward them to UKCEC members for review and voting.  

  1. Course “Recertification” Discussion (continued from 2/10/14 meeting)

The UKCEC has previously discussed the need to review UK Core sub-titled courses to ensure the courses have not drifted from the Core learning outcomes since their initial approval.  This review should occur four years after the initial approval.  There have been 10 sub-titled courses approved for the Core so far.  The committee needs to determine how the review of these courses and the other regular UK Core courses will proceed.  Chris Thuringer provided the breakdown of course approvals by calendar year:

  • 2010: 13 courses approved
  • 2011: 136 courses approved
  • 2012: 56 courses approved
  • 2013: 34 courses approved

 The process for the overall course review was discussed at the September 2012 meetings but never firmly established.  Some questions to consider:

  • Should every course be reviewed? Or select a sample?
  • Some courses have several sections taught by different instructors – review all syllabi?
  • Who will conduct the review?  Course instructors?  Area Experts?  Evaluators already participating in UK Core assessments?

 UKCEC members agree they would prefer not to review every course.  A sample should be selected, including some of the higher enrollment courses.  Even if 10% of courses are reviewed each year, instructors and DUSs will be aware that a review is possible and should ensure that their Core courses still adhere to the learning outcomes.  Leah Simpson suggested pulling the sample in advance and alerting instructors that their courses will be reviewed at the end of the academic year.  This hopefully would prompt instructors to make any necessary corrections prior to the evaluation.   Chris Thuringer will draft a course review policy and distribute for review.  

  1. Other Business

Follow-up on 2+2 programs for international students, discussed during 2012-2013 AY.  Ben Withers will request a report from Susan Carvalho of the transfer courses that have been equated to fulfill Core areas.

  1. Meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.

  Prepared by Joanie Ett-Mims on February 18, 2014

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