September 17, 2012

UK Core Education Committee (UKCEC)
Date of Meeting: 
Monday, September 17, 2012
Location of Meeting: 
Keeneland Room, WT Young Library, 2:00-4:00 pm
Members Present Ex-Officio Present Guests Present
Ruth Beattie Mike Shanks Leah Simpson
Patty Cook- Craig Debbie Sharp Chris Thuringer
Amy Gaffney   Karen Badger
Susan Larson    


  1. Approval of August 27, 2012 meeting minutes.

Minutes were approved by consensus.

  1. Follow-up of LIN 331.

Susan Larson has contacted Rusty Barrett for revisions to course.  Will be taken to Undergraduate Council on 9/25/12 if revisions have been received/approved.

  1. Update on courses in approval process.

Arts and Creativity

TA 150 – Fundamentals of Design and Production

Global Dynamics

GER 343 – Global Horror (also Humanities)

MUS 335 – Exploring World Music and Ethnomusicology


GER 343 – Global Horror (also Global): out for review, response requested within two weeks

HIS 296 – East Asia Since 1600: reviews complete, ready for UKCEC review

MCL 270 – Introduction to Folklore and Mythology: out for review, response requested within two weeks

SPA 262 – Hispanic Literatures in Translation: reviews complete, ready for UKCEC review

Natural Sciences

GLY 170 – Blue Planet: Introduction to Oceanography: with Ruth for review

Social Sciences

CPH 203 – Sexual Health: doesn’t meet requirements of course template; will contact CPH for revisions

Statistical Inferential Reasoning

STA 381 – Engineering Statistics: A Conceptual Approach: out for review, response requested within two weeks

 Experimental UKC courses

UKC 1xx – Disease Detectives (Natural Sciences and Social Sciences)                            

UKC 1xx – Public Health through Popular Film (Natural Sciences and Social Sciences)

                  * Ruth and Patty will communicate with CPH concern that a course cannot adequately fulfill these two areas of UK Core

UKC 1xx – Multimedia Sandbox (Arts and Creativity)

UKC 1xx – Sexual Health (Social Sciences)

UKC 3xx – Autobiographical Composition (US Citizenship)

UKC 3xx – History of Hip (Humanities)

UKC 3xx – Introduction to Documentary (Arts and Creativity)

UKC 3xx – Introduction to Writing, Rhetoric and Digital Media (Humanities)

  1. Assessment: Discussion of revised rubrics.

Composition and Communication: Rows 4 and 5: add language to differentiate between level 2 and 3 ratings

                                                                            Row 4, level 4 rating: change verb tense

Arts and Creativity: Ready to approve

Social Sciences: Ready to approve

Natural Sciences: Ready to approve


  1. Committee charge/responsibilities

Review of the Senate Rules for appointing members to the USP Standing Committee for a starting-off point.  Communicate with Lee Blonder to determine what UKCEC level of authority is, what UKCEC can approve, what Senate needs to approve.

  1. UK Core Course Review.

In order to maintain integrity of UK Core courses, UKCEC needs to develop a timeline and process for review of courses being taught.  Do they still meet template requirements?

  • Leah Simpson commented that this will be the UK Core version of a program review.
  • Instructors may be different from course proposer, need to be informed of the proposed outcomes for the course,            proposed assessable assignment, etc.
  • Ruth proposed that we ask for syllabi from courses in the same semester as the assessment for that UK Core learning outcome (i.e. if Inquiry areas will be assessed in Spring 2014, instructors would also submit syllabi for their course that same semester)
  • Review a sample of submitted syllabi
  1. Meet with Karen Badger regarding 2+2 Program in College of Social Work.

Proposed 2+2 agreement with Qingdao Technological University (Q-Tech) in China. 

  • Students would be completing entire SW curriculum/major requirements at UK (~60 hours).
  • All international students must have TOEFL score and take Comp and Com I & II at UK
  • Need to complete a BIO course before starting program at UK (requirement for SW program)
  • U.S. Citizenship course needed at UK
  • Global Dynamics course possibly needed at UK
  • Total of 72-75 hours of course work at UK to complete program
  • College or department should propose what courses taken at home university will equate with the various areas of UK Core; UKCEC to approve.
  1. Adjourned at 3:45 pm.


Prepared by Joanie Ett-Mims on September 17, 2012

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