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University Procurement Card

The University's preferred method of paying for official business airline tickets, hotel (room & tax) charges, and rental car charges is the University Procurement Card. The Procurement Card may be used to purchase business airline tickets through one of the University's designated travel vendors: AAA Corporate Travel Services, Concur, or Avant Travel.

The Procurement Card can also be used to pay for business hotel (room & tax only) and rental car (cost of rental only) charges when arrangements are made through any travel vendor (not limited to the University's designated travel vendors). Hotel incidental charges (any charges other than room & tax) and any other rental car charges besides the cost/tax of the rental must be paid for with a personal credit card, and then expenses must be submitted for reimbursement to Accounts Payable on a Travel Voucher after travel is completed. Special Note: Traveler must present a Procurement Card with his/her name on it in order to pay for hotel room/tax, or rental car charges.

Those wishing to apply for a Procurement Card for business travel must visit the Procurement Card website and complete a "Procurement Card Application" and "User Agreement" and forward these completed, approved forms to Laura Payton UK's Procurement Card Administrator, for processing. You should receive your card within 10 -12 days of receipt of approved forms. For questions, please contact Laura (859) 323-4404 or

Existing cardholders who wish to have their Procurement Cards authorized for purchasing business airline tickets must visit the Procurement Card Web site and complete a new Procurement Card Application & User Agreement and forward completed forms to Laura Payton,  UK's Procurement Card Administrator, in Accounts Payable for processing. The card will be authorized for business airline tickets within 24 - 48 hours of receipt of approved forms. For questions, please contact contact Laura at (859) 323-4404 or