Appliance Installation

This section addresses the operating procedures, recordkeeping, and reporting requirements applicable to University staff, contractors, and vendors.  The University must only employ the services of contractors or vendors that adhere to the regulatory requirements of 40 CFR 82, Subpart F and this program.  The quantity of appliance refrigerant and type of refrigerant determines the level of applicable requirements.

Appliance categories are:

  • Small appliances capacity equal to or less than 5 pounds and is fully manufactured, charged, and hermetically sealed in a factory.
  • Mid-sized appliances capacity greater than 5 pounds but less than or equal to 50 pound per circuit.
  • Large appliances capacity greater than 50 pounds per circuit.

Refrigerant types are:

  • Ozone-depleting substance – Class I chlorofluorocarbons, referred to as CFCs
  • Ozone-depleting substance – Class II hydrochlorofluorocarbons, referred to as HCFCs
  • Substitute or Non-Exempt Substitute substance – Replaces an ozone-depleting substance


Installation Requirements at a Glance

Small Appliance ≤ 5 pounds refrigerant

  • No requirement

Mid-sized and Large Appliance > 5 lbs pounds refrigerant (per circuit)

Installation Completed By:

  • In-House Main Campus Staff (PPD, MCPPD, Athletics) with Access to SAP   
    • Complete Refrigerant Characteristics for installation in SAP or
    • Submit Form AQ-FORM 101 to Environmental Management, Air Quality Compliance
  • In-House Main Campus Department or Independent Staff not installed by PPD, MCPPD or Athletics
  • In-House University Staff located beyond Main Campus
    • Submit form AQ-FORM-101 to Environmental Management, Air Quality Compliance
  • Contractor or Vendors at any University owned location   
    • Follow UK HVAC Design Standard and submit form AQ-FORM-101 to Environmental Management, Air Quality Compliance An equivalent company form may be substituted for AQ-FORM-401. 

The Requirements at a Glance is used as a quick summary but does not replace the need to review the RMP for the specific operating procedures, recordkeeping, and reporting requirements for appliance installation.


Operating Procedures (§82.155, §82.157)

To address the complexities of the operating procedures of 40 CFR 82, standardized procedures, work instructions and forms were developed for appliance installation requirements to provide operational and administrative consistency and effectiveness.  The procedure provides a specified way to carry out an activity or task whereas the work instruction provides step-by-step instructions to be followed to complete a procedure.  The form standardizes consistent documentation of required regulation elements.

The purpose of tracking appliance installation is to demonstrate compliance with 40 CFR 82.155, Safe disposal of appliances and 40 CFR 82.157, Appliance maintenance and leak repair. To meet those requirements, an inventory of specific information must be maintained for all mid-sized and large refrigerant appliances.  There is no inventory requirement for the installation of small appliances but there are requirements in the  maintenance, service, repair, and disposal sections. 



AQ-PROC-100 New Refrigerant Appliance

AQ-WI-101 New Refrigerant Appliance

AQ-FORM-101 New Refrigerant Appliance


Recordkeeping – (§82.156, §82.157)

In order to meet the disposal and maintenance requirements, an inventory must be maintained of all appliances which contain more than 5 pounds of refrigerant.  The required data collection for a new appliance (or existing appliance not previously inventoried) is contained on form AQ-FORM-101.  New appliances must be entered in SAP (where available on Lexington campus) or submitted to the Air Quality Compliance Manager for submittal into a refrigerant system to maintain inventory records.  Records submitted to EPA and responses from EPA regarding extension requests, retrofit/retirement plans, relief from retrofit/retirement plan, chronically leaking appliance report, or an initial leak rate exclusion of destructed purged refrigerant report are maintained by Environmental Management, Air Quality Compliance. 

A copy of University employee technician certifications must be retained on file with the technician’s specific Department.  A copy must also be maintained by Environmental Management, Air Quality Compliance. 


Reporting/Certification – (§82.161)

The University must only use in-house technicians, contractors, or vendors that have current and appropriate EPA technician certification.