April 21, 2014

UK Core Education Committee (UKCEC)
Date of Meeting: 
Monday, April 21, 2014
Location of Meeting: 
Room 245 Patterson Office Tower
Members Present Ex-Officio Present Guests Present
Jonathan Allison Mike Shanks Karen Badger (Acting Chair)
Ruth Beattie Debbie Sharp Leah Simpson
Russell Brown   Chris Thuringer
Tracy Campbell    
Juliana McDonald    
Brian McNely    


  1. Approval of minutes from April 7, 2014 meeting

Mike Shanks offered an update regarding item 4.c in the minutes: there is no limit to how many DL courses a student can count towards a degree.

-Approved by consensus.

  1. Consent Agenda

Global Dynamics

PS 210DL – Introduction to Comparative Politics



GWS 309DL – Health, History, and Human Diversity


HIS 119 – War and Society, 1350-1914


MCL 135 – Vampires: Evolution of a Sexy Monster


RUS 271 – Russian Culture 1900-Present


RUS 375 – Russian Film

-HOLD for next meeting


US Citizenship

AIS 430 – Islam in America



  1. Course discussion:

US Citizenship

ENG 168 – All That Speak of Jazz: An Intellectual Inquiry into Jazz and Democracy

-Outside reviewers suggest a more in-depth listening experience for this jazz course but otherwise support approval of the course

-approved; reviewer comments will be sent to proposer as a recommendation


  1. Assessment

Rubric Revisions:

The revised rubrics have been uploaded to the UK Core website under the Assessment tab.  Ben Withers will send the link to Deans, Associate Deans, DUSs and Dept. Chairs to review and provide feedback.  We will plan to use the revised versions for the May evaluations.

Evaluation Recruitment:

There are still a few gaps to fill in over the next couple of weeks. 

On a related note, the LMS Selection Committee is considering changing from Blackboard in the future, which would impact our evaluation approach.  A recommendation should be made by the end of the calendar year.


Meeting adjourned at 3:45 pm.

Prepared by Joanie Ett-Mims on April 22, 2014

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