Summer Bridge Program

Our Mission

The Summer Bridge program is a four-day program for incoming first-year students designed to enhance both their personal and academic wellbeing. Its goal is to increase inclusivity and promote diversity within the College of Health Sciences at the University of Kentucky.

Applications will be accepted until June 30, 2024, or until the cohort is full.

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The Summer Bridge Program takes place July 10th - 13th on the University of Kentucky's campus.

The Success of Our 2023 Summer Bridge Program

“Overall, I love this program. I didn’t realize how much it helped me until I moved in, but when I got on campus I just felt way more comfortable thanks to summer-bridge. I knew more about different places to go on campus (like when I showed my friends the bowls in front of willy t), and different resources that would be able to help my friends. I was able to see familiar faces on campus, and just felt more familiar in my environment because I was able to experience it before. (And I had become familiar with the dining halls, which was helpful)”  -Jenna Tackett

“As a student coming from out of state Summer Bridge helped me form new friendships before I arrived to campus for classes. Summer Bridge also helped me see that I feel safe and comfortable at the University of Kentucky so that when I moved in for the start of classes I was able to make it my home away from home very quickly.”  -Marshall Patton

“I think the thing I benefited most from the summer bridge was the comfortability being on campus. Not only did I have friendly faces my first couple days on campus but I was familiar with the campus itself, the food, the buses, the buildings and lecture halls, and especially the dorms. Moving into and spending my first night in my dorm was incredibly easy and felt like I'd done it 100x before! I felt so lucky to get to offer my roommate and friends a stable hand when transitioning to life on campus as I already had a feel for it all!”  -Kate Bickerstaff

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Program Focus

  • Four-day program for incoming first-year students designed to enhance both their personal and academic wellbeing 
  • An introduction to the College of Health Sciences,  faculty, and PATHfinders peer mentors
  • Build relationships with future classmates and friends  
  • Gain knowledge about a variety of healthcare professions through speakers and group activities 
  • Education on all the aspects of wellness and the importance of mental health 
  • Financial Resources Introduction based on on-campus opportunities 
  • Q&A with PATHfinders peer mentors with insight and tips regarding UK & CHS  

Cost for Students

  • $175
  • Cost includes housing, meals, and activities.
  • Full scholarships will be available for those who may need them (scholarship-related questions are included in the application).