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Undergraduate Research

The Office of Undergraduate Research in the College of Health Sciences is committed to fostering the curiosity of undergraduate students, by offering multiple opportunities, across a variety of topics, for mentored, self-directed work.  Participating in an undergraduate research experience can take many forms, ranging from collecting performance data with human subjects to staining tissue cultures, depending on the student’s area of interest.

Engaging in research will help you learn to apply what you know to questions that interest you,
use that experience to select a future career, and take pride in seeing your ideas come to life.

The goals of the College of Health Sciences Undergraduate Research Office are to:

  • Foster independent thinking, curiosity, and creativity,
  • Offer guidance and mentorship to students interested in research (both basic and clinical),
  • Provide a forum for students to present the results of their research, and
  • Encourage students to consider careers in the health sciences.


COVID-19 Guidelines for Undergraduate Research.

As of Sept. 28, 2020, the university moved into Phase 3 of the campus-wide plan to restart research work. During Phase 3, any type of volunteer work by undergraduates is not allowed, unless that work can be performed in a completely remote manner. Undergrads can participate in in-person lab-based research if they are enrolled for course credit.  Prioritization for research experiences will be given to undergraduates taking research course credits for degree completion. Justification by the faculty is required for undergraduates to participate in research during Phase 3, so that health and safety is maximized and the research mission is protected.  Please note: Undergraduates involved in in-person lab-based research are required to be re-tested prior to initiation of work and provide proof of the test being administered.  But, the student DOES NOT need to reveal the results of the testing to the faculty. Testing results are considered protected health information.

Special considerations: Undergraduates can participate in human participants research if safety concerns are addressed adequately in the faculty’s re-start plan. Undergraduate participation in COVID-related research should be excluded, but exceptions will be considered if risk is adequately mitigated.

Richard D. Andreatta, PhD, FASHA
Director of Undergraduate Research - College of Health Sciences

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