BioMotion Lab

Headed by Brian Noehren PT, PhD, FACSM, we study how movement and muscle dysfunction affect pain and function within injured orthopedic populations.  Our overarching goal is to develop innovative and effective treatments to improve the quality of life for patients with lower extremity orthopedic injuries. 

What We Study

Our team consists of graduate and undergraduate students as well as staff, who are committed to their work. Through purposeful and innovative data collections and analyses, we utilize: 

  • Biomechanics 
  • Magnetic resonance imaging 
  • Innovative assessments of muscle function 
  • Patient reported outcomes 
  • Novel physical therapy interventions 
  • Sport performance after injury 

We aim to improve patient outcomes following orthopedic injuries by evaluating the underlying mechanisms for protracted impairments. We then identify and evaluate novel interventions with the goal to improve muscle strength, joint mechanics, function and reducing pain.   

Who We Are

As a team of ethical, skilled researchers, we are motivated to work together with unconditional respect. Always encouraging curiosity, our team takes initiative, asks questions, shares ideas, and presents findings.      

What We Do

Being engaged and working together, we maintain an intellectual, dynamic, competitive, and fun environment. By embracing scientific challenges, we strive to have an impact within the University, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and the wider field of rehabilitation science. We are proud to produce high quality research resulting in papers, conference abstracts, and presentations. 

In short... we CRUSH IT!!!

If you are interested in working in the BioMotion laboratory or gaining your graduate degree with us, please contact Brian Noehren.