UK BioMotion Lab Runner’s Clinic

Our Runner’s Clinic is temporarily closed to new patients. We are hoping to resume appointments in July. We’ve loved getting to help the running community and are looking forward to having you all join us again later this year!

Mission Statement

The University of Kentucky BioMotion Lab Runner’s Clinic is a community service clinic led by expert clinical scientists to foster skill development, mentorship, and clinical application of research inquires. The funds generated from this clinic will be used for student continuing education opportunities.


The University of Kentucky BioMotion Lab offers multiple running-related services for the community. The purpose of these services are to connect research and clinical application by providing running-specific recommendations by specialists in the lab. These are cash-based services since they are a specialty service not traditionally covered by insurance. For all evaluations, runners will be provided contact information for the treating physical therapist in order to answer any questions or concerns that arise. To schedule, please contact Lauren Erickson at

Running Injury and/or Performance Evaluations  |  $150

Running injury and performance evaluations will be performed by a team of physical therapists and will last approximately 60-90 minutes. These evaluations will include:

  • Running history and training review
  • Musculoskeletal examination (strength, range of motion, functional movement)
  • 2D running gait video analysis
  • Treatment plan development

For the 2D running gait video analysis, a high-speed camera will be utilized to record the runner on an instrumented treadmill that measures ground contact forces. All findings will be reviewed with the runner immediately following the evaluation. Treatment plan development may include therapeutic exercises, running gait modifications, gait retraining drills, and training recommendations. Whether it’s helping facilitate recovery, improving running performance, or identifying potential risk factors for injury, our team will develop individualized treatment plans for each runner.

Three-Dimensional Gait Evaluation  |  $300

Three-dimensional running gait evaluations will be performed by a team of physical therapists, as well as engineers and/or research analysts, and will last approximately 90 minutes. These evaluations include everything included within the running injury and performance evaluations, with the addition of twelve high-speed cameras recording the runner on an instrumented treadmill that measures ground contact forces. Runners will be scheduled for a 30-60 minute follow-up session approximately one-week from the evaluation in order to process and review all of the collected data (no additional cost for this follow-up session). Runners will be provided with their kinematic and kinetic data, as well as any pertinent running gait analysis findings.

Follow-up Physical Therapy Visits  |  $75

Follow-up physical therapy visits are offered to runners who have completed either a running injury and/or performance evaluation or three-dimensional running gait evaluation. As appropriate, a re-assessment of the musculoskeletal examination and running gait video analysis may be performed at this time, as well as progressions of therapeutic exercises, gait retraining drills, and return to running programs. If the runner has had a new injury or if 6-months have passed since the previous evaluation, the runner should undergo a new running injury and performance evaluation.

How Do I Schedule?

To schedule, please contact Lauren Erickson at

What Should I Wear?

Please wear different color shorts and shirt and bring your running shoes.