Office of Technology Services

Office of Technology Services

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Alex Abbott-Emen Computer Support Specialist II
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Chase Dawson Computer Support Specialist I
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Barret May Information Technology Manager

To request support CHS Faculty, staff, and/or students should contact CHS Helpdesk to report Incidents, make requests for change, request end-user support, or to reserve equipment. 

The Office of Technology Services (OTS) is the technology and information systems support unit for the College of Health Sciences. The Office of Technology Services empowers the College of Health Sciences by implementing and maintaining reliable, innovative and relevant technology and information systems that facilitate teaching, learning, research, and service.  

The vision of the Office of Technology Services is continually be the College of Health Science's best resource for technology and information services to leverage innovation to stimulate the exchange, discovery, and creation of knowledge in an open, collaborative, and unifying culture. 

UK Information Technology Services Expectations

Computers, network systems, and other associated technologies offer powerful tools for creating, communicating, and managing data, and for a host of other activities. Taxpayers, students, and other groups providing sources of funding that support information technology resources at the University expect that these assets will be used in support of the University’s mission of instruction, research and other creative activity, and service.

The University expects all individuals using information technology resources to take appropriate measures to manage the data stored on technology resources. As such, the Office of Technology Services works in tandem with other university offices to make sure that the college, faculty, staff, and students are in compliance with all applicable policies, regulations and statutes. For more information about university IT policies, visit the IT Administrative Regulations, Policies, Standards, Guidelines, Etc. site.

About Us

The Office of Technology Services offers a variety of services in an array of support categories for the College of Health Sciences. To learn more about the Office of Technology Services, see the following resource pages.