AirWatch FAQs

What is AirWatch and how does UK have it configured?
AirWatch is a robust security suite, which offers options for managing both personal and corporate-owned mobile devices and computers. Personal information on mobile devices cannot be accessed through AirWatch. 

For our implementation at UK HealthCare, we have disabled all management and tracking settings except for those collecting: device type, device operating system version, Link Blue username used to enroll in UK systems, and an inventory of installed UK HealthCare apps.

airwatchAirWatch does not have access to your personal information. Specifically, AirWatch does not collect or have access to your text messages, photos, internet usage, call histories, or any other apps on your phone that were not provided by UK HealthCare (such as Allscripts, MobileCare, or Voalte).

Why is UK HealthCare implementing AirWatch?

  1. To meet HIPAA security and regulatory requirements
  2. Office of Inspector General Mandate
  3. Enforce Policy A113 – 110 Personal Mobile Device Policy

Installation Instructions

Important Installation Considerations:

  • You need to delete your University email account from the phone prior to installation. (AirWatch will add it automatically after enrolling.)
  • Android devices must be encrypted prior to installation, if they aren’t already. For iphones, you are required to have a passcode configured, if one is not present already.

Installation instructions for IOS and Android are available online at

Installation Technical Support
CHS Help Desk
Phone: 859-218-6608
In-person: CTW 109 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
UK HealthCare Helpdesk: 859-323-8586

Special Cases and FAQs

Is AirWatch required for personal laptops? 
No, but is required for smartphones or tablets. There should be no change to email access for desktops and laptops.

What about AD domain users with Exchange email accounts?   
Those on the AD domain are NOT required to install AirWatch and can still access email through their mobile device. However, if a faculty/staff member or Student will be dealing with patient data at all, they need to request to be moved to the MC domain. (Please contact CHS Help Desk for help.)

New and future students who are not yet on the MC domain will not be able to install and enroll through AirWatch, until they are moved to the MC domain.

What are the restrictions and limitations?

  • Only one UKY Exchange mailbox and one UKY Exchange calendar can be configured through AirWatch on a device. (This does not affect your Gmail or other non-Exchange apps.)
  • May cause higher battery consumption.
  • AirWatch is only compatible with IOS 8.0 and higher or Android 4.4 or higher. (Some older model phones may not be capable of updating to a compatible OS.)
  • AirWatch is not compatible with “jailbroken” or “rooted” devices.

Options if you choose not to install AirWatch

If you choose not to install AirWatch, the only way to access email via your mobile device after September 1, 2016 will be with a web browser by navigating to and logging in through the web interface. (UKY Exchange email integration with any other apps on the phone will not function after Sept. 1.)