Guiding Values


  • We value respect and integrity in every way that OTS interacts with others.
  • We value the continuing education and training of OTS staff in emerging information systems and new technologies.


  • We value staff interaction with customers by assisting them in locating, using and evaluating information systems or technology, whether a customer is onsite in the college or accessing technology services from a remote location.


  • We value community engagement and working with other offices, departments, colleges or areas of UK and beyond.
  • We value cooperative learning and an inclusive community that creates technology and information systems that are accessible to all people.


  • We value excellence, creativity and innovation.
  • We value acquiring and using technology in novel ways to support the mission of the College of Health Sciences.
  • We value the pursuit of new and emerging technologies.

Freedom and Accessibility

  • We value the principles of academic freedom by guiding the College in technological endeavors, but allowing constituents to be responsible for what they choose to use.
  • We value making information systems and technology available to persons of all ages, physical conditions and locations in the college.