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CHS Committees

 The Dean is ex-officio, non-voting on all committees

Faculty Council

Elected by College Faculty for 2-year term; alternates for 1 year term

Ramona Carper, PT2019
Joneen Lowman, CSD, vice-chair2019
Nate Johnson, PT (alt)2019
Rachel Graham, HSER2020
Peter Meulenbroek, CSD2020
Joan Darbee, PT2021
David Fahringer, PAS2021

Academic Affairs Committee

Appointed by Faculty Council for 3-year term

Nick Heebner, AT2019
Deborah Kelly, PT2019
Judy Page, CSD2019
Jami Warren, HSER2019
Sarah Kercsmar2020
Karen Badger2020
Randa Remer-Eskridge2020
Kevin Schuer2020
Richard Andreatta, CSD2020
Esther Dupont-Versteegden, PT/RHB2020
Badger and Remer (ex-officio, non-voting) 

University Senate

Elected by College faculty for 3-year term

DeShana Collett, PAS2021
Geza Bruckner, CN2021
Jami Warren, HSER (alt)2021
Joe Stemple2020

Staff Council

Elected by CHS staff for 2-year term

Mikailyn Maddox, chair2020
Alex Abbott-Emen2020
Aimee Sayre2020
Allison Burton2021
Hunter Howard2021
Sarah Sheff2021
Lauren Thompson2021
Kristie Law2021
Scott Lephart2021

Student Affairs Committee

Appointed by Faculty Council for 2-year term

Somu Chatterjee, PAS2021
Johanna Hoch, AT2021
Kevin Schuer, PAS2021
Karen Badger2021
Randa Remer-Eskridge2021
Donna Morris2021
Stacey Gabbard2021
Karen Clancy2021
Ramona Carper2021
Badger and Remer (ex-officio, non-voting) 

Health Care Colleges Council

Elected by College Faculty for 2-year term

Matt Hoch, AT2020
Karen Clancy2021
Catherine Gohrband2021
Tim UhI2021

Appointments, Promotion and Tenure Committee

Appointed by the Dean in consultation with Faculty Council for 1-year term

  • Karen Skaff, HSER
  • Janice Kuperstein
  • Art Nitz
  • Tim Butterfield
  • Lynn English
  • David Fahringer
  • Bob Marshall
  • Charles Marshall  

Performance Review Appeals Committee

Appointed by the Dean for 1-year term

  • Bob Marshall, CSD
  • Kevin Schuer, PAS
  • Travis Thomas, CN
  • Tim Uhl, AT
  • Janice Kuperstein

Research Advisory Committee

Appointed by the ADR in consultation with the Dean & Dept. Chairs for 1-year term

  • Esther Dupont-Versteegden, PT
  • Rachel Graham, HSER
  • Joneen Lowman, CSD
  • Brian Noehren, PT
  • Joe Stemple, CSD
  • Richie Andreatta
  • Pat Kitzman (ex-officio, non-voting)

College Hearing Committee

  • Jane Kleinert, CSD
  • Lynn English, PT
  • Joe Stemple, CSD (Chair)
  • Sam Powdrill, PAS
  • Donna Morris, CSD
  • Tim Butterfield, AT
  • Andrew Wyant, PAS (Alt)
  • Brian Noehren, PT
  • Ming-Yuan Chih, HSER
  • Kim Campbell, MLS

Diversity and Inclusivity Ad-Hoc Committee

  • Janine Bartley, CSD
  • DeShana Collett, PAS
  • Esther Dupont-Versteegden, RHB, PT
  • Christa Jennings, Dean’s Office
  • Janice Kuperstein, DRS
  • Angie Phipps, CERH-Hazard​
  • Randa Remer-Eskridge, OSA
  • Brandi White, HCS
  • Hunter Howard, HCS
  • Geetanjali Gera, PT
  • Carrie Baker, AT​