CHS Safe and Smart Restart: we are committed to providing an exceptional educational experience while safeguarding the health of our community.

CHS Committees

 The Dean is ex-officio, non-voting on all committees

Faculty Council

Elected by College Faculty for 2-year term; alternates for 1 year term

Ramona Carper, PT 2019
Joneen Lowman, CSD, vice-chair 2019
Nate Johnson, PT (alt) 2019
Rachel Graham, HSER 2020
Peter Meulenbroek, CSD 2020
Joan Darbee, PT 2021
David Fahringer, PAS 2021

Academic Affairs Committee

Appointed by Faculty Council for 3-year term

Nick Heebner, AT 2019
Deborah Kelly, PT 2019
Judy Page, CSD 2019
Jami Warren, HSER 2019
Sarah Kercsmar 2020
Karen Badger 2020
Randa Remer-Eskridge 2020
Kevin Schuer 2020
Richard Andreatta, CSD 2020
Esther Dupont-Versteegden, PT/RHB 2020
Badger and Remer (ex-officio, non-voting)  

University Senate

Elected by College faculty for 3-year term

DeShana Collett, PAS 2021
Geza Bruckner, CN 2021
Jami Warren, HSER (alt) 2021
Joe Stemple 2020

Staff Council

Elected by CHS staff for 2-year term

Mikailyn Maddox, chair 2020
Alex Abbott-Emen 2020
Aimee Sayre 2020
Allison Burton 2021
Hunter Howard 2021
Sarah Sheff 2021
Lauren Thompson 2021
Kristie Law 2021
Scott Lephart 2021

Student Affairs Committee

Appointed by Faculty Council for 2-year term

Somu Chatterjee, PAS 2021
Johanna Hoch, AT 2021
Kevin Schuer, PAS 2021
Karen Badger 2021
Randa Remer-Eskridge 2021
Donna Morris 2021
Stacey Gabbard 2021
Karen Clancy 2021
Ramona Carper 2021
Badger and Remer (ex-officio, non-voting)  

Health Care Colleges Council

Elected by College Faculty for 2-year term

Matt Hoch, AT 2020
Karen Clancy 2021
Catherine Gohrband 2021
Tim UhI 2021

Appointments, Promotion and Tenure Committee

Appointed by the Dean in consultation with Faculty Council for 1-year term

  • Karen Skaff, HSER
  • Janice Kuperstein
  • Art Nitz
  • Tim Butterfield
  • Lynn English
  • David Fahringer
  • Bob Marshall
  • Charles Marshall  

Performance Review Appeals Committee

Appointed by the Dean for 1-year term

  • Bob Marshall, CSD
  • Kevin Schuer, PAS
  • Travis Thomas, CN
  • Tim Uhl, AT
  • Janice Kuperstein

Research Advisory Committee

Appointed by the ADR in consultation with the Dean & Dept. Chairs for 1-year term

  • Esther Dupont-Versteegden, PT
  • Rachel Graham, HSER
  • Joneen Lowman, CSD
  • Brian Noehren, PT
  • Joe Stemple, CSD
  • Richie Andreatta
  • Pat Kitzman (ex-officio, non-voting)

College Hearing Committee

  • Jane Kleinert, CSD
  • Lynn English, PT
  • Joe Stemple, CSD (Chair)
  • Sam Powdrill, PAS
  • Donna Morris, CSD
  • Tim Butterfield, AT
  • Andrew Wyant, PAS (Alt)
  • Brian Noehren, PT
  • Ming-Yuan Chih, HSER
  • Kim Campbell, MLS

Diversity and Inclusivity Ad-Hoc Committee

  • Janine Bartley, CSD
  • DeShana Collett, PAS
  • Esther Dupont-Versteegden, RHB, PT
  • Christa Jennings, Dean’s Office
  • Janice Kuperstein, DRS
  • Angie Phipps, CERH-Hazard​
  • Randa Remer-Eskridge, OSA
  • Brandi White, HCS
  • Hunter Howard, HCS
  • Geetanjali Gera, PT
  • Carrie Baker, AT​