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CHS Committees

 The Dean is ex-officio, non-voting on all committees

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council shall be a body of elected delegates that provide the means by which the Faculty can expeditiously discharge its responsibility to deal with and initiate educational and academic policy matters which transcend departmental responsibilities. Members will be the Faculty’s voice and liaison with the Dean’s Office and the Chair’s Council. Faculty Council meetings shall generally be open to any faculty member who wishes to attend.

Elected by College Faculty for 2-year term; alternates for 1 year term

Charles Marshall, PT    2022
Cheryl Vanderford  2023
Deb Suiter, CSD 2022
Jami Warren  2023
Joan Darbee, PT  2021
Joneen Lowman, CSD, Chair  2021
Karen Clancy  2023
Nate Johnson, PT (alt)  2022
Ramona Carper, PT 2021
Travis Thomas, PHD 2021

Academic Affairs Committee

Appointed by Faculty Council for 3-year term

Jami Warren, HSER 2021
Judy page, CSD 2021
Karen Badger, CLM 2021
Kevin Schuer, PAS, Chair  2021
Randa Remer-Eskridge, OSA 2021
Richard Andreatta, CSD 2022
Sarah Kercsmar, CLM 2022
Badger and Remer (ex-officio, non-voting)  

University Senate

Elected by College faculty for 3-year term

DeShana Collett, PAS 2021
Ming Chih, HSER 2021
Jami Warren, HSER (alt) 2020

Staff Council

Elected by CHS staff for 2-year term

Autumn Dearinger, Dean's Office  2021
Heather Hardesty, OSA  2022
Kristie Law, Chair  2021
Will Hieronymus, Creative Services  2022

Student Affairs Committee

Appointed by Faculty Council for 2-year term

Catherine Gohrband, PT  2022
Christopher Swartz, MLS   2022
Donna Morris, CSD 2021
Jami Warren, CLM 2021
Janine Bartley, CSD  2021
Johanna Hoch, AT, Chair  2021
Karen, Badger, CLM  2021
Karen Clancy, CLM 2021
Somu Chatterjee, PAS 2021
Badger (ex-officio, non-voting)  

Health Care Colleges Council

Elected by College Faculty for 2-year term

Carrie Baker  2023
Catherine Gohrband, PT  2022
Debbie Kelly, PT 2022
Kara Lee  2023
Karen Clancy, CLM 2021
Somu Chatterjee, PAS 2022
Tim UhI, PT  2021

Appointments, Promotion and Tenure Committee

Appointed by the Dean in consultation with Faculty Council for 1-year term

  • Bob Marshall, CSD 
  • Charles Marshall, PT 
  • David Fahringer, PAS 
  • Karen Skaff, HSER 
  • Lynn English, PT 
  • Tim Butterfield, AT

Performance Review Appeals Committee

Appointed by the Dean for 1-year term

  • Bob Marshall, CSD
  • Janice Kuperstein, FACE 
  • Kevin Schuer, PAS
  • Tim Uhl, AT
  • Travis Thomas, CN

Research Advisory Committee

Appointed by the ADR in consultation with the Dean & Dept. Chairs for 1-year term

  • Betsy Northrup, Deans Office 
  • Brian Noehren, PT
  • Chris Fry, AT 
  • Joneen Lowman, CSD
  • Leslie Woltenberg, PAS
  • Ming-Yuan Chih, HSER
  • Nick Heebner, AT 
  • Tony Faiola, Dean's Office 

College Hearing Committee

  • Brian Noehren, PT 
  • Donna Morris, CSD
  • Lynn English, PT
  • Ming-Yuan Chih, HSER
  • Tim Butterfield, AT 

Diversity and Inclusivity Ad-Hoc Committee

  • Brendan, O'Ferrell, OSA 
  • Carrie Baker, AT 
  • Christa Jennings, Dean's Office 
  • Christopher Swartz, MLS 
  • Esther Dupont-Versteegden, RHB, PT
  • Geetanjali Gera, PT 
  • Jacob Zimmerman 
  • Janice Kuperstein, DRS
  • Janine Bartley, CSD 
  • Jean Fry, AT 
  • Julia Berry, MS.ED 
  • Kate Kosmac, PT 
  • Matthew Hoch, AT 
  • Randa Remer-Eskridge, OSA
  • Somu Chatterjee, PAS