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The faculty learning community (FLC) will explore the possibilities and procedures of the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL), particularly for faculty participants who have been trained in and practice health sciences research methods. Envisioned as a two-part, two-year program, the FLC will meet once a month for 60-90 minutes. The first semester (Fall 2022) will focus on learning about SoTL from both interdisciplinary and health sciences perspectives (e.g., design considerations, methods, examples), after which participants may choose to continue for the remaining three semesters (Spring 2023 – Spring 2024) in designing, implementing, analyzing, and writing up a SoTL project either as individuals or in teams. Guest speakers with experience in SoTL will be brought in to the FLC meetings through the duration of the FLC.

The College of Health Sciences’ Office of Research and Scholarship (ORS) supports the development and submission of extramural grant proposals for faculty and student investigators. We are committed to giving each application the attention it deserves to ensure the submission of high quality, error-free, and sponsor-compliant proposals.  The Office of Sponsored Projects Administration (OSPA) has stepped up enforcement of the 3-day submission window for grant submission. The reason for greater enforcement is a dramatic uptick of grants submitted late which were improperly completed, missing information, or were not compliant with sponsor or university policies. To comply with OSPA’s regulations, ORS has set a firm deadline for the receipt of all grant proposal documents to ORS. Starting with proposals due after June 1st 2022, all required components of grant proposals must be submitted to ORS by 9 a.m. five (5) business days prior to the funding agency’s submission deadline.  This will allow staff adequate time to check and upload the proposal.  In addition, due the increasing number of grants and their complexity, investigators are no longer allowed to continue to work or revise aspects of their proposal after it has been submitted and checked by ORS and sent to OSPA. The continued changing of grants at the last minute has resulted in the delays of other grants submitted on time.

Applicable exceptions

  • Short Notice – There is a turnaround time of less than 30 days or less from the date of the sponsor’s notice or publication of the solicitation.
  • Unexpected Campus Event – There is an official campus-wide delay or closing of University operations due to an adverse weather or other emergency. In this case, the closure may reduce the internal deadline timeframe in an amount equivalent to the number of days of the closure.
  • Serious illness or death within the PI or Co-PI’s family

Missed Deadlines

Investigators who miss the 5-day submission deadline must provide the ADR and ORS staff, a written explanation of why the deadline was missed and seek approval to proceed with the submission.

Prioritization of Late Proposals

If approved for submission, ORS staff will work with the investigator to try to meet the sponsor’s deadline. However, priority will be given to grant proposals received in advance of the deadline.  Proposals received after the deadline are considered lower priority and may be submitted if there is sufficient time to properly prepare and the review the proposal. As such, there is a risk that proposals received after the five-business day deadline may not be submitted. There is no expectation that ORS or OSPA personnel work beyond normal business hours to accommodate a late proposal.

Electronic Approval Forms (eIAF)

The University assumes full legal responsibility for complying with all requirements imposed by the sponsor upon acceptance of grants and contracts. In turn, the College of Health Sciences through the Office of Research and Scholarship must ensure all investigators are in compliance with University and sponsor requirements through the completion of the internal approval process prior to proposal submission. Per University policy, the eIAF must be completed and certified by all affected parties and be received by OSPA three business days prior to a sponsor’s proposal submission deadline. Late receipt by OSPA will jeopardize submission of the proposal.

To ensure compliance, we will start eIAFs 10 business days prior to the sponsor’s deadline if there is only one college involved; 12 business days if more than one college is involved. To facilitate a timely eIAF process, please submit a budget, budget justification, abstract, project title, and a list of all named UK faculty to the CGO, prior to the eIAF start date. The CGO will work with you to develop your budget and review your justification

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