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Compliance and Technical Standards

Due to the nature of health professions, College of Health Sciences students are held to a high standard of professional behavior and conduct. As health care professionals in training, we expect students to be familiar with and adhere to the policies listed on this webpage. 

Background Checks, Drug Screening, and Compliance 

All students in the College of Health Sciences are required to have full background checks and ten-panel drug screenings before beginning a CHS program.  The college works with a company called Castle Branch to meet these requirements. 

Students are also required to submit proof of immunizations and other program specific requirements.  These requirements and the program specific deadlines are listed in the linked presentations below: 

Program-Specific Instructions

Students MUST complete these requirements via the Castle Branch system. Background checks and drug screens from other sources will NOT be accepted. The Castle Branch portal can be found here. Students can expect to pay approximately $95.

CHS Student Policies, Rules, and Regulations

Policies listed are not only University specific, but pertain to professional practice.   

If you have questions about the Compliance process or concerns about Background Checks, please reach out to