Academic Advising

About Academic Advising

Academic Advising is important to all of us – it is more than scheduling classes. Beyond courses selection and registration, your academic advisor can assist you with the following:

  • Connecting you with resources to bolster academic success
  • Navigating student issues (non-academic)
  • Advising on program admission and how to be a strong applicant
  • Offering recommendations on student involvement
  • Assisting with graduation preparation

Prior to meeting with their academic advisor, students should prepare by bringing a list of topics or questions to cover in order to use their time effectively. For formal advising appointments, it is recommended that students should bring their course registration plans as well as their degree audit.

All Clinical Leadership Management (CLM), Pre-Communication Sciences and Disorders (pre-CSD), Exploratory Studies in Health Sciences (ESHS), Human Health Sciences (HHS), and Pre-Medical Laboratory Science (pre-MLS) undergraduate students should schedule formal advising appointments in MyUK under the "degree planning and registration (MyUKGPS)" tab. 

On-Call Advising

CHS on-call Advising Hours (Monday-Thursday 2pm-3pm) is available via Zoom -  (you'll be in the waiting room) and in 111 CT Wethington Building. If you cannot attend the regularly scheduled on-call hour, please e-mail to get connected during an alternate time or request more information. (NOTE: On-call Advising Hours suspended during months of June and July)

Advising appointments shall take place during standard business hours  (M-F 8am-5pm) of the Office of Student Affairs unless otherwise arranged between student and advisor.