Office of Academic Affairs & Undergraduate Education

Our responsibilities include: 

  • Supports CHS and its academic programs to develop and sustain high quality educational programs
  • Offers guidance regarding accreditation related activities
  • Facilitates curriculum changes, educational program and course development within the College and throughout the University Senate approval process
  • Provides leadership for College level strategic planning
  • Facilitates interprofessional and collaborative efforts within the College and with the UK Interprofessional Ed Center
  • Provides guidance and assistance with external reviews and academic program accreditation support
  • Coordinates undergraduate initiatives and collaborative activities through the UG Ed ad hoc Committee
  • Serves as academic home for Exploratory and pre-major students
  • Provides oversight for high-impact activities (undergraduate research, education abroad)
  • Implementation of tools and processes required to assess the CHS mission, strategic goals, services, UG Ed framework, and program-level student learning outcomes
  • Support college needs for data analytics, business intelligence, and related metrics to inform decision-making, planning, and continuous improvement across College academic and administrative units

Office Directory

Office of Academic Affairs & Undergraduate Education

Karen Badger, PhD, MSW's picture
Karen Badger, PhD, MSW Vice Dean, Professor
Jaime Cress's picture
Jaime Cress Administrative Services Assistant
Susan Herrick, MA, MTS's picture
Susan Herrick, MA, MTS Academic Affairs Coordinator
Hannah Morgan, M.S.'s picture
Hannah Morgan, M.S. Assessment Specialist
Brendan O'Farrell, PhD's picture
Brendan O'Farrell, PhD Director of the Interprofessional Healthcare Residential College
Becky Unites, PhD's picture
Becky Unites, PhD Director of Assessment


About the Distinguished Scholar Award

The Distinguished Scholar Award will be granted at the College level to recognize a faculty member who has made significant and lasting contributions to his or her discipline. The award is not dependent on receipt of extramural research funding. It is intended to recognize a distinguished body of work and its impact on the discipline over time

Does this sound like someone you know?

Nominations may be made by any faculty member and must be in writing including a CV and discussion of the achievements/activities that qualify the recipient for the award. Submit the nomination to the Chairperson of Faculty Council. A subcommittee of the Faculty Council will make recommendations to the full Faculty Council about selection of the award. Nominations will be received in March, with specific calendar dates determined annually.

Those CHS Faculty members who have been honored with this award include:

2016: Dr. Susan Effgen
2014: Dr. Robert Marshall
2013: Dr. Tim Uhl