Policy of Equipment Loaner Program

Active faculty and staff of the College of Health Sciences.

Fair Use
All faculty and staff are allowed a one-week borrowing period, and this can be extended to a two-week maximum by providing CHS IT Services advance notification. The CHS IT Services reserves the right to shorten the borrowing period if the activity requiring borrowed equipment is less than one-week. 
Important Notice: No laptop equipment cannot be reserved during the College Health Sciences special events that require use of all equipment.

These resources are available only for specific uses such as:

  • Classroom or Departmental Presentations
  • Remote access to e-mail and Internet for traveling faculty and staff
  • Emergency replacement of faculty/staff desktop systems being serviced

Exceptions can be made for any additional use by utilizing the same approval process that is required to extend the one-week borrowing period.

Eligible users must request equipment in advance by submitting a request through chs.help@uky.edu, including an anticipated pick-up date and time. An acknowledgement of the request will be e-mailed to the user with verification that the requested equipment is available for pickup.
Any special requirements for equipment (e.g. installing additional software, remote access, etc.) must be reported a week in advance of pickup for testing purposes, and it is at the discretion of CHS IT Services staff to approve or deny any special requirements.
Borrower's Responsibility
User acknowledge and accept responsibility for equipment checked out to you.
User must notify CHS IT Staff if the borrowed equipment is damaged or malfunctioning.
The borrowed equipment must be returned in a timely manner.

Additional Guidelines
Never leave the laptop computer unsecured or unattended while it is checked out to you.
All files you create should be stored on borrower's storage device such as a USB flash disk. Any files created and saved on the laptop will be erased upon return of the checked out computer.
Personal software may NOT be loaded onto the laptop computer at any time.