Diversity Healthcare Program: A Guided Healthcare Mentorship Experience

Mission Statement

The Diversity Healthcare Program (DHP) is a group that aims to support diversity in various healthcare professions by partnering with marginalized and underrepresented high school students. Students can expect to learn from a variety of healthcare professionals and explore the fields themselves!

Program Overview

Applying to the Diversity Healthcare Program (DHP) is simple and free to do! You must be a 9th grade student at Bryan Station to apply. Students accepted into the DHP program gain early acceptance into the Bryan Station Medical Academy. Information sessions, Ignite Your Interest in Healthcare, are held in the fall of each year. More information on session dates and times can be found below.

Note: applications are typically open from Sept. 1 to Sept. 20 for Freshmen to apply

  • Social Opportunities:
    • Build social relationships with upperclassmen, undergrads, and Diversity Healthcare Program ambassadors
  • College Exploration:
    • Learn about the college application process
      • Introduction to college credit
      • Build college essay writing skills
      • Improve resume creation
    • Gain access and information for summer programs
  • Health Career Exploration:
    • Participate in CHS (college of health sciences) student panels
      • Class recommendations
    • Access to diversity training and extracurricular activities
    • Explore health professions through in house field trip days
  • Big/little Mentor Program: Engage in one-on-one mentorship opportunities with upperclassmen and undergraduate students.
  • Social Networking Events:
    • Participate in the big/little program
  • College Exploration:
    • Introduction to college credit
      • AP/IP honors courses
    • Introduction to ACT/SAT prep
    • Engage in campus visits
  • Health Career Exploration:
    • Engage in healthcare case study sessions
    • Engage in diversity training
    • Participate in healthcare panels
  • Mentorship and Social Events
    • Continue participating in the big/little program
    • Participate in different networking events with student and healthcare professionals alike
  • College Exploration:
    • Continue with ACT/SAT prep
    • Familiarize yourself with the general application processes to colleges
    • Participate in professional development sessions
      • Develop and edit your resume
      • Practice interviewing skills that can be used in a variety of settings
      • Improve your collegiate essay writing
    • Participate in campus visits and immerse yourself in different healthcare areas of campus
  • Health Career Exploration:
    • Immerse yourself in a clinical setting
    • Participate graduate healthcare student panels
    • Opportunities to shadow different professions
      • Attend classes for health professions
    • Engage in diversity training
    • Take part in networking events with healthcare professionals
  • Service:
    • Facilitate mentorship with 8th grade Bryan Station Middle School students
    • Mentor 9th graders entering the DHP
  • Mentorship and Social Events:
    • Continue participating in the big/little program
  • College Exploration:
    • Continue with college application assistance
    • Introduction to financial advising
  • Health Career Exploration:
    • Continue with shadowing opportunities of different healthcare professions
    • Participate in diversity/implicit bias training (impact of health disparities, etc.)
  • PEPP Pipeline Programs
    • PEPP is a summer academic program that allows high school graduates to be exposed to different aspects of various health professions.
      • Eligibility: rising college freshman, interest in medical school, US citizen/lawful permanent resident
  • Summer Teen Volunteer Program
    • This observation program allows students to participate in volunteer service for the community while being integrated into a large healthcare facility.
      • Eligibility: 14 - 18 years old, must provide their own transportation.
  • Appalachian Career Training in Oncology
    • This program allows high school students living in an Appalachian county in Kentucky, to gain cancer research, clinical, outreach, and education experiences by participating in research labs, observing clinicals, and participating in college and career readiness workshops.
      • Eligibility: native to 1/54 Appalachian Kentucky counties, enrolled in a high school within Appalachian Kentucky, and a member of an underrepresented group.
  • Summer Healthcare Experience Virtual Program
    • This program allows high school students who identify as female with experiences, activities and discussions that introduces them to career and leadership opportunities in oncology. Students engage with other students along with guest speakers, group case study projects, and lab experiments.
      • Eligibility: current sophomore/junior/senior, interest in a medical field, identify as underrepresented in the sciences.
    • Summer Youth Program
      • This program gives students the opportunity to work hands-on in various departments including science, technology, arts, and humanities. Students will engage in weekly professional development classes.
        • Eligibility: High school juniors and seniors attending a Lexington, KY high school.

Parent/Guardian Information Sessions:

  • Held in the fall and spring at Bryan Station to help prepare guardians to prepare for them high school and college journey along with their children

CHS Diversity Healthcare Program Ambassadors (DHP) statement:

 The College of Health Sciences (CHS) Diversity Healthcare Program Ambassadors serve as leaders in the development and implementation of the Diversity Healthcare Program (DHP). Further, they assist with recruiting Bryan Station High School students and meet with representatives across healthcare disciplines to expand the program and increase awareness of the DHP across the state.

ApplyOur Team: CHS Student Ambassadors