Diversity Healthcare Program: A Guided Healthcare Mentorship Experience


The mission of the Diversity Healthcare Program is to diversify healthcare professions by partnering with minority and underrepresented high school students. We strive to empower these students to attain their goal of entering healthcare fields by providing support and mentorship through college and career enrichment initiatives. We aim to aid in their transition from high school, to college, and ultimately into healthcare professions. 

Program Overview

  • Free Application
  • Bryan Station Medical Academy 
  • Information Sessions each semester
  • Utilize UK and community resources for program components
  • Meet with counselor to explore healthcare career options
  • College Exploration:
    • How to search for a college that matches your interests
    • Financial considerations
  • Health career Exploration:
    • CHS student panel
    • Class recommendations
    • Extracurricular involvement
    • Diversity Training
  • Big/Little Program
  • College Exploration:
    • Introducing college credit, AP/IB/honors classes
    • Introduction to ACT/SAT prep
  • Health career exploration:
    • Diversity Training
    • Healthcare Panels
  • Continue Big/Little Program
  • College Exploration:
    • Continue ACT/SAT prep
    • Familiarize students with application processes
    • Professional Development Sessions (resume, interviewing, essay writing, etc.)
  • Health career exploration:
    • Encourage immersion into clinical settings (i.e. Obtaining certification)
    • Graduate Healthcare Student Panel
    • Shadowing professions (for example: collaborating with graduate students, joining zoom class of HHS 101 or other health profession classes, virtual shadowing, interviewing faculty/professionals in the field)
    • Diversity Training
  • Continue Big/Little Program
  • College Exploration:
    • Continue application assistance
    • Financial Advising
  • Health career exploration:
    • Continuing shadowing professions
    • Diversity/Implicit Bias Training (impact of health disparities, etc.)

Upcoming Information Sessions

Parent/Guardian Information Sessions:

  • Please check back for future events.

All session will be hosted via Zoom:

ApplyOur Team: CHS Student Ambassadors

Contact us at HealthcareScholars@uky.edu!