The College of Health Sciences brand aligns with the UK brand, while maintaining our individuality. We are the Gateway to the Health Professions.

The CHS brand is singular. In other words, although each health sciences discipline is unique, we are one brand. In everything we do, from introducing ourselves at campus meetings to selecting an imprint for promotional items, we are the UK College of Health Sciences first.

Our Brand Promise

The University of Kentucky College of Health Sciences is an interprofessional community of service-oriented scholars that aspires to change lives through education, research, healing, and care.

Interprofessional community

Integrating health sciences disciplines in education, research, and service is at the heart of the CHS experience. Students, faculty, and staff are enriched by diverse perspectives and partnerships, which amplify the impact of the College.

Service-oriented scholars

There is a heightened and concentrated focus by the people at CHS to use their knowledge and skills to improve lives and communities. It’s simply who we are as a College. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni find countless ways to transform knowledge into action and use it to connect on the most human level.

To change lives through education, research, healing, and care

From free health clinics, to service-learning projects abroad, to our multiple campuses extending our health care reach to underserved areas, CHS is driven by purpose and a dedication to positively impact lives. Additionally, the focus on translational research at the College emphasizes the impact our research has on improving lives locally and beyond.

Our Brand Pillars

  • Innovative
  • Collaborative
  • Experiential Learning
  • Discovery
  • Impactful
  • Outreach

The brand pillars serve as the foundation of the CHS Way. If who are is the Gateway to the Health Professions, then what we do is the CHS Way. The CHS Way is found in our people and in the lives that we impact. The brand pillars include themes and phrasing that should be incorporated across our communications as expressions of the CHS Way. The pillars represent ideas that should be reflected and conveyed in other ways, such as through student profiles, faculty accomplishments, research stories, alumni accomplishments, and ways CHS impacts communities and lives.


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