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Senior Investigator Award

Chris Fry, PhD
Associate Professor in Athletic Training and Clinical Nutrition
Center for Muscle Biology

Office of Technology Services

Items that can be purchased without consulting the Office of Technology Services

The following items may usually be ordered by CHS Faculty or Staff without consulting the Office of Technology Services. Regardless of the request, any item over $250 requires consultation with Office of Technology Services prior to purchase. 

Computer Accessories

Office of Technology Services

The Office of Technology Services (OTS) provides assistance for purchasing and procuring technology equipment or services that will be used by the college, faculty, and staff in service to the College of Health Sciences.  The following guidelines are useful in the purchasing and procurement process for technology equipment or services.

Office of Technology Services

The timelines offered below represent projected response times during normal operating conditions at the College of Health Sciences. However, actual response times may vary depending on staff or resource availability or extenuating circumstances.  The timelines below serve as a guideline for planning purposes. 


In general, users can expect the following response times for responding to incidents from the Office of Technology Services.

Office of Technology Services

The CHS Office of Technology Services provides four basic types of support: incident resolution, requests for change, end-user support, and equipment reservations.  The types of support are described as:

(focuses on machine or system)

An unplanned interruption to an IT system or component or diminished quality of an IT system or component.   Users are expected to provide a basic report of the incident and the Office of Technology Services will follow-up as needed to provide a resolution.

Office of Technology Services

The following Services are offered by the CHS Office of Technology Services:


Hardware support

Office of Technology Services


  • We value respect and integrity in every way that OTS interacts with others.
  • We value the continuing education and training of OTS staff in emerging information systems and new technologies.


  • We value staff interaction with customers by assisting them in locating, using and evaluating information systems or technology, whether a customer is onsite in the college or accessing technology services from a remote location.


Office of Technology Services