Support Categories

The CHS Office of Technology Services provides four basic types of support: incident resolution, requests for change, end-user support, and equipment reservations.  The types of support are described as:

(focuses on machine or system)

An unplanned interruption to an IT system or component or diminished quality of an IT system or component.   Users are expected to provide a basic report of the incident and the Office of Technology Services will follow-up as needed to provide a resolution.

When an incident occurs, OTS intervenes to minimize the impact on business operations.  When an incident cannot be resolved quickly by the Office of Technology Services, the incident may be forwarded to technical support groups or other specialists. Resolutions or accommodations will be established as quickly as possible in order to restore normal service operation. 

Request for Change (RFC)
(focuses on machine or system)

A request to modify existing IT systems or components to improve or enhance functionality.  A request may also be to acquire a new IT system or component. Users are expected to provide a basic description of the request and the Office of Technology Services will follow-up as needed to provide a response.

Requests for Change will be addressed as expeditiously as possible by the Office of Technology Services in order to improve normal service operation.  As necessary, requests for change may also be forwarded to support groups or specialists for assistance.  

End-User Support
(focuses on user)

A request to clarify or explain how a system or hardware is supposed to work.  Generally, these requests are for helping end-users better use or understand the technology services or tools in use at the college.   This includes training activities and focuses mainly on improving a specific user’s experience with a technology system or component. End-user support are typically handled on a case-by-case basis.

Equipment Reservations
(focuses on equipment)

The Office of Technology Services has several items available for check-out to faculty and staff.  These requests generally have a due date along with an expected date to return items reserved and checked out.  

We cannot guarantee availability of items and reservations will generally be made on a first-come, first-served basis.  OTS offers basic setup and training, but additional assistance can be requested as an end-user support ticket. For items not available directly from the Office of Technology Services, we will coordinate with other university resources (Audio Visual Services, the HUB, UKAT, etc.) to obtain items, if possible.  

Equipment reservations should be made at least three (3) days in advance when possible and no less than 24 hours in advance.  In order to efficiently manage limited resources, recurring reservations must be made individually.