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Runner's Clinic

Mission Statement

The University of Kentucky BioMotion Lab Runner's Clinic is a community service clinic led by expert clinical scientists to foster skill development, mentorship, and clinical application of research inquires.  The funds generated from this clinic will be used for student continuing education opportunities.


The University of Kentucky BioMotion Lab offers two running-related services for the community. The purpose of these services are to connect research and clinical application by providing running-specific recommendations by specialists in the lab. These are cash-based services since they are a specialty service not traditionally covered by insurance. For all evaluations, individuals will be provided contact information from the treating physical therapist in order to answer any questions or concerns that arise. To schedule, please contact Kathy Schuler-Ringo at or 859-218-0496.

Initial Physical Therapy Evaluation  |  $150

On Thursday afternoons, 60-minute physical therapy assessments are available where clinical specialists will conduct a running history and examination with appropriate measurements of strength and motion. Included in this evaluation is a 2-dimensional running gait analysis with force-plate kinetic data which will inform the runner of potential risk factors for injuries and ways to improve running performance. Runners will be provided with a print-out of force data and pertinent running gait assessment findings. Exercises, gait retraining drills, and training recommendations will be provided as appropriate.

Follow-up Physical Therapy Visits  |  $75

Follow-up visits are offered to runners who have completed an initial physical therapy evaluation. As appropriate, additional measurements of strength and motion will be assessed at this time, as well as progressions of exercises and gait retraining drills. If the runner has any new concerns or if 3-months have passed since the initial evaluation visit, the runner should undergo a new evaluation.

Three-Dimensional Gait Evaluation  |  $250

Physical therapists who are running specialists, as well as engineers and/or research analysts, will conduct this 90-minute assessment that takes place outside of the typical Runner's Clinic schedule. Strength, range of motion, and testing specific to the runner's needs will be assessed followed by a 3-dimensional video gait analysis performed on an instrumented treadmill. In order to process the data, subjects will be scheduled for a 30-minute follow-up approximately one-week from the evaluation in order to review the collected data. Runners will be provided a print-out of kinetic and kinematic data as well as pertinent running gait assessment findings. Exercises and gait retraining recommendations will be provided as appropriate.

How Do I Schedule?

To schedule, please contact Kathy Schuler-Ringo at or 859-218-0496.

What Should I Wear?

Please wear different color shorts and shirt and bring your running shoes. If you are performing a 3-dimensional assessment, we will have you wear standardized laboratory shoes so they do not interfere with our cameras.


We can accept cash, checks, or credit cards.  Checks can be made payable to "University of Kentucky College of Health Sciences."

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