Funding Resources for Undergrad Students and Faculty

1. Free poster printing offered by the central UK Office of Undergraduate Research (located in Funkhouser Hall)

The central campus UK Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) provides a free poster printing service to the UK undergraduate student! OUR will print ONE student research poster free-of-charge per semester, if you are accepted to present your research at a professional conference, program, or event.

Poster Printing Checklist

  • Review poster before sending to print (it will only be printed once)
  • Poster is in PowerPoint format 
  • Poster has a height of 36” or 42”-- If the poster is bigger or smaller than one of these sizes, it may not be able to be printed or there may be excess white space. 
  • Posters larger than 36" x 48" cannot be printed and will be returned for resizing
  • Poster has the NEW official University of Kentucky logo (download it HERE)
  • Poster includes your name, your mentor’s name, and the title of your project

Please carefully review your poster before uploading to the portal (see link below), as each poster will only be printed once. You are responsible for ensuring there are no typographical or other errors on your poster. Typically, it is requested that posters be uploaded 1 week prior to the day you need them (which should not be the same day as your event). You will be notified via e-mail when it is ready to be picked up in OUR office located in Funkhouser Hall - Rm 211. If you need a poster printed before then, please email Jesi Bowman at

*To upload your poster and request printing services from OUR, please complete their request form located at the following link: OUR Poster Printing Portal

*Poster printing is a service provided by the central UK Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR), not the College of Health Sciences.


2. Funding for Student Publications and Presentation-Related Expenses from the CHS Undergrad Research Program

The College of Health Sciences Undergraduate Research Program will provide funding to undergraduate students to cover expenses related to (1) manuscript publication (page fees) and (2) for printing additional posters beyond the 1 free printing provided by the central UK Office of Undergraduate Research (see above). 

During each academic year, students are allowed to make one request for a manuscript publication related expense, and one request for printing of an additional poster. Maximum funding for each student is $250 per academic year. Funding will be provided on a rolling basis on a first come first serve manner until all allocated funding is used. 

Criteria for funding

  • Student is currently working with a faculty mentor on a research project though HHS 455 or has worked on research with faculty during past semesters of enrollment in HHS 455.
  • Student must be an author on a manuscript or poster AND must have contributed significantly to its production.
  • Manuscripts or posters must be accepted for (1) publication or (2) presentation to a meeting, respectively
  • Faculty mentors must agree to provide funding assistance to the student above the maximum funding amount of $250, to alleviate any financial burden on the student. 

Funding Request Procedure

To request funding, please send an email to Dr. Richard Andreatta at containing the following information in an organized bulleted list:

  • Name:
  • Student ID:
  • Student Email:
  • Department where research is occurring:
  • Class Rank: (please choose Fresh., Soph., Jr., or Sr.)
  • Faculty Mentor Name:
  • Faculty Email:
  • Request Type: (please choose Manuscript or Poster)
  • Title of manuscript or poster:
    • For manuscript publications, please also provide the name of the journal and verification of acceptance of the manuscript
      • Verification of acceptance of the paper should be attached to your email.
    • For poster printing, please provide the name and date of the meeting and verification of acceptance of the proposal.
      • Verification of acceptance of the poster should be attached to your email.
  • Amount Requested: (please choose a value up to $250)
    • For manuscript publications, please limit your funding request to $250 or less. Higher amounts will be considered depending on the quality of the journal and student need.
      • We will try to invoice the page fees to our business office if you provide us enough lead time (at least 2 weeks) to arrange payment.
    • For posters, please limit your funding request to $100 or less.
      • The student is responsible for the actual printing of the poster.
      • We will try to invoice the poster cost to our business office if you (1) provide us enough lead time (at least 2 weeks) to arrange payment, and (2) provide us the name/address of the printer selected.
      • If we cannot invoice directly due to time constraints, you will need to pay for the printing upfront and then request a reimbursement for the cost from us.


3. Undergraduate Student Travel & Meeting Registration Assistance

The College of Health Sciences Undergraduate Research Program is pleased to announce the availability of travel and meeting registration funding assistance from the Vice-President for Research (VPR) office for undergraduates presenting research at professional, scientific, and/or other research-based meetings (e.g., Posters at the Capital, UK CCTS, NCUR). Funds are available to help defray the cost of travel and meeting fees for student presenters. Funds can only be used for registration and travel expenses (e.g., airfare, mileage, lodging, meals) to a meeting for the undergraduate researcher to present their work.

Requests can be made for up to $350 (maximum) per student per academic year. In the application, you must justify the amount being requested and provide an explanation of how the requested amount will be specifically used to support your conference travel and attendance. Funding will be provided on a rolling basis until the yearly office budget is spent.  The maximum funding amount of $350 may be lowered depending on the number of applications received during the academic year. Lowering the maximum amount will allow us to help more students if the need arises.

Reviews will be performed administratively by the CHS Director of Undergraduate Research. The goal will always be to try and fund as many students as possible with our budgeted monies. 

To be eligible for this funding, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Currently enrolled in HHS 455 and working with a faculty mentor or presenting research that was conducted during a past enrollment of HHS 455.
  • Be an author on an accepted abstract/proposal application for the conference in question.
    • Verification of acceptance of the research proposal to the meeting is required
  • Students must have played an active role in the research being presented at the conference. 
    • Active roles include: data collection, writing, poster production and preparation, etc. 
  • Students must be planning to attend the meeting and be an active part of the research presentation.

Students must submit a post-meeting survey if travel awards are accepted and used. Please use the following link to complete this mandatory survey:


To apply for student travel and meeting registration assistance, please click the application button below and complete the online form*. 

Apply for CHS Student Travel & Meeting Funding

*All awarded funds must be used or encumbered by June 1st of each academic year.


4. College of Health Sciences - Undergraduate Research Summer Fellowships (Currently Closed)

Due Date

Applications are currently being accepted between: 

Fellowship Description:

The CHS Summer Research Fellowship is a funding opportunity meant to be a cooperative venture between an undergraduate student and their faculty mentor. The Summer Research Fellowships are worth $2,500 and are intended to support a student’s own research and creativity, with the faculty sponsor acting as the student’s guide and mentor. This fellowship provides undergraduates with the chance to perform intensive and self-directed research under the supervision of their faculty mentor. 

The student must work with their faculty mentor to develop and refine their research project/idea so that it can be ideally performed during the time frame of the summer session (preferred, but not required). It is fully expected that the faculty mentor will help the student develop and refine their proposed research idea and advise them on methods and so forth. The proposal and application though must be written solely by the student. The proposal must show evidence that the student was directly involved in creating and planning the proposed research with their faculty mentor. The student’s majority role in this endeavor forms a unique aspect of the UK Summer Research Fellowship. 

A total of eight $2,500 awards are available for this year's competition (fellowship numbers are subject to change depending on funding levels provided by the office of the VPR). 


  • Any full-time CHS undergraduate student who has or is completing research with a faculty mentor through the CHS Undergraduate Research Program.
  • The student must have an identified faculty mentor who has agreed to sponsor them and work as their mentor during the duration of the summer session. 
  • Lastly, the student must be a rising sophomore, junior, or senior during the summer session the fellowship is awarded.

Award Use

Fellowship funds may be used by the student as needed to support the student’s summer research endeavors including:

  • a student living stipend,
  • travel and registration to a meeting for the student to present their work,
  • travel expenses needed as part of the student's research,
  • supplies directly needed by the student’s work (a limit of 10% of total award can be spent on supplies.)

Instructions and Application Form

  • Please DOWNLOAD and COMPLETELY READ the instructions for the application - CLICK HERE for instructions.
  • Instructions contain many specific details about the Fellowship program and the application requirements.

  • Instructions also contain information that must be given to your faculty sponsor for their completion.

  • Fellowship application form can be found here:  CLICK for Online Fellowship Application Form


Applications are DUE by April 1st, 2022 and will be reviewed during early April. Award notices will be sent out no later than Friday, April 22nd, 2022.


5. Faculty Funding Resources - Microgrants to Support Undergraduate Research

Research & Scholarship Support Program link

The CHS Undergraduate Research Program (CHS UGR), in partnership with the CHS Office of Research & Scholarship, is launching an incentive program for faculty to specifically encourage the creation of new research opportunities for undergraduate students. The incentive program will issue microgrants of up to $300 to support faculty working with undergraduate students in a newly approved and posted research opportunity. Funds can be used for supplies, or any other expenses directly related to the student’s research work and effort. Funds cannot be used for student travel, meeting costs, publication fees, or poster printing because there are other funds available through the CHS UGR office for these expenses.

Eligibility for Incentive Program:

  1. Applicant must create and post to the CHS UGR website, an approved research opportunity for undergraduate students.
  2.  Research opportunities must be “new” for a given semester to be eligible for the incentive since the point of the program is to create more opportunities for our students than currently exist. 
    • Currently open research opportunities are not eligible for the incentive program. 
    • Research opportunities that were “closed” or “full” during a previous semester and are now being re-opened to student involvement are eligible for the incentive.
  3. Applicant must have a student researcher who has interviewed for and agreed to participate in the new or re-opened research opportunity at the time of the microgrant application.
  4. Applicant must be a full-time CHS faculty member who is either pre-tenure from all title series or post-tenure in special/clinical titles.


  • Microgrant funding will be provided on a rolling basis until the yearly allotment for this initiative is exhausted
  • Applicants will complete the Research & Scholarship Support Program Funding Application and provide all requested information on the form
  • Funds must be used during the semester they are awarded and cannot be rolled over
  • Applicants awarded a microgrant agree to provide a brief summary report (1 paragraph) at the end of the semester on how the funds were used and their benefit to the student
  • A given applicant is limited to a maximum total funding amount of $300 per semester
  • A new application is required for each microgrant request

Application Instructions:

  • The application form can be found on the Research & Scholarship Support Program website. Click the blue button above to go to this location.
  • Once at the Research & Scholarship Support page, click the blue application button and select: Microgrant for Undergraduate Research
  • Complete the form and submit.
  • Completed forms will be forwarded for review.