The SMRI is a unique and contemporary 10,000 sq. ft. enterprise outfitted with state-of-the art-equipment to support the domains of prevention, performance, treatment, and rehabilitation among the specialties of musculoskeletal, physiological/metabolic, and neurobehavioral health.


The center of the laboratory houses a biomechanical analysis space that includes a 14-camera 3D motion analysis system, mobile imbedded duel force plate system, and an integrated wireless electromyography system.

A large rehabilitation and exam space has two physician exam rooms built to UK Healthcare specifications for physicians to evaluate patients as part of their regular clinical practice for those who will enroll in research studies, and a range of traditional rehabilitation tables and equipment for musculoskeletal assessments and interventions. In addition to traditional clinical tools, the SMRI musculoskeletal space also contains a Biodex System-4 PRO dynamometer, hand held dynamometers, electromyography, and diagnostic ultrasound.


The performance and metabolism space includes both treadmill and bike ergometers with both cart and portable metabolic systems and wearable technology to analyze anaerobic power and capacity, aerobic capacity, and other performance metrics. This space also contains equine specific performance equipment including a RacerTrainer and a custom-built riding simulator form Racewood.

In addition to these laboratory-based tools, the SMRI also utilizes a range of portable equipment to allow for assessments to be done in the field, such as wireless inertial measurement units, portable metabolic system, and a FitLight Trainer portable agility and reaction time system.


A dedicated neurobehavioral laboratory space offers a quite environment to collect neurocognitive, postural stability, and functional assessments using computerized dynamic posturography, virtual and augmented reality systems, Dynavision light reaction training, eye tracking, and computerized neurocognitive exams.