Active Girls Healthy Women Initiative

We are a group of researchers, clinicians, and professionals who are working together to improve the health of girls and women through research, outreach, and educational efforts.


Empower girls and women to lead healthy lifestyles.


To advance girls’ and women’s physical activity and health through research and outreach.

Our Values

  • Physical activity as a path to good health and quality of life
  • Partnerships to facilitate growth and enhance success of this initiative
  • Equity, inclusion, and diversity in physical activity settings
  • The right to physical activity for all
  • The unique physical activity and injury prevention needs of girls and women
  • Safe physical activity and sport environments for girls and women

Research Focus

  • Investigate relationships among musculoskeletal injury history, aging, health behaviors, and quality of life
  • Develop programs to enhance health knowledge and personal health awareness for girls and women
  • Implement evidence-based physical activity promotion interventions for girls, women, and families
  • Understand and reduce the sex-related differences in sport injury rates
  • ​Identify sex-specific injury prevention and injury recovery protocols