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These tests are fee for service and are not eligible to be processed through medical insurance.You will be required to fill out a medical questionnaire prior to scheduling a test.


  • State-of-the-Art Analyses
  • Expert Review & Results
  • Improve Athletic Performance
  • Decrease Risk of Injury
  • Improve Health & Wellness
  • Custom Testing Packages & Reports*

    * Individual assessment & packages can be customized for testing
      at the SMRI or at your facility, dependent upon specific protocols.

Balance Assessment - custom

Assess balance using virtual reality static and dynamic methods.

Body Composition - $30.00

Body Composition

Lean mass (bone and muscle) and body fat percentage are used to assist setting your weight loss goals, assessing training or weight loss outcomes, as well as identifying any health risks.

Motion Analysis - $365.00

Motion Analysis

Biomechanical motion analysis measures joint angles, body position, and the speed of movement during any movement or sport-specific activity. This is useful in optimizing your performance as well as minimizing the risk of injury.

Speed & Accuracy Assessment - custom

Test speed and accuracy to improve peripheral awareness.

Resting Metabolic Rate - $120.00

Resting metabolic rate is the amount of calories you use to support basic functions such as breathing. Results can be used to set calorie intakes or decreased or increased body weight.

Anaerobic Power Test (Cycle) - $80.00

Anaerobic Power Test

Peak and average power during a 30-second cycle test (Wingate) are used to assess maximal power and the rate of anaerobic fatigue. These can be used to set strength and power training goals and assess training adaptations.

*Must be between the ages of 16 and 45 

Strength Test - custom

Clinical assessment of muscle performance, strength, and power using a variety of resistance to improve overall performance and assess progress following injury and surgery.

Concussion Baseline Testing - $25

Baseline testing uses computerized assessments to assess memory, reaction-time, and other cognitive function in a non-concussed state. Your results can be used for comparison following a suspected head injury.

Follow Up (15 minutes) - $35

Follow Up (30 minutes) - 45

Speak to professionals about your testing results and taking the next steps to reach you health and wellness goals. 

Consultation (30 minutes) - $45

Consultation (60 minutes) - $90

Speak to professionals regarding your health and wellness goals and/or sports medicine related questions.

Athletic Monitoring - custom

Workload-based (GPS), physiological-based (heart rate, heart rate variability), sleep-based monitoring and feedback options are available.

Aerobic Power Test - $115

With Lactate Threshold Test (Cycle or Treadmill) - $145.00

Lactate Threshold Test

Aerobic Power and Lactate Threshold tests provide insight on your maximal oxygen uptake (Vo, max) and endurance performance. Aerobic Power test data can be used to identify health risks and set aerobic training goals and workloads. Lactate Threshold test data can be used to set goals specific to maximal effort. 

*Must be between the ages of 16 and 45 

Sport Specific Test - custom

Individual and team laboratory and field tests are available. 


Health Package - $290.00

- 2 Body Compositions

- 2 Resting Metabolic Rate

Movement Analysis Package - $1,000.00

- 2 Body Composition

- 2 Motion Analysis

Aerobic/Endurance Athlete Package - $340.00

- 2 Body Composition

- 2 Lactate Threshold Test

*Must be between the ages of 16 and 45 

Injury Analysis - Custom Packages Available

Athlete Analysis - Custom Individual and Team Packages Available

Scholastic & Group - Rates Available Upon Request