The UK Sports Medicine Research Institute (SMRI) is a state-of-the-art research center developed out of a partnership with the College of Health Sciences, College of Medicine, UK HealthCare, and UK Athletics Department.


To conduct interdisciplinary research to optimize the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries and performance.


To be a leader in sports medicine research that empowers people to achieve long-term health and wellness.


Respect and Humility 

  • Show consideration for one another 
  • Acknowledge and embrace each other's differences (background, skills, opinions, ideas, cultures, etc.) 
  • Individual and organizational goals align

Collaboration and Innovation 

  • Cooperative efforts drive unique and impactful results 
  • Interdisciplinary approach that values diverse expertise, experiences, and education 


  • Build camaraderie and trust 
  • Success is reliant on interdependence 
  • Care about each other; making the workplace a family for everyone 

Evolving/growth and life-long learning 

  • Adapt to internal and external landscapes 
  • Facilitate professional and personal development 
  • Foster the continual pursuit of knowledge 


  • Instill a passion to make a difference in communities served 
  • Focus on the individual for the betterment of the community 


Use an interdisciplinary approach to develop strategies unique to injury and task-specific needs:

  • Develop strategies to prevent, treat, and rehabilitate injuries
  • Develop interventions to optimize performance
  • Develop strategies to achieve long-term health and wellness



Share evidence-based strategies and knowledge to instill a passion in communities for long-term health and wellness through:

  • Injury prevention and training workshops
  • Presentations to share research findings
  • Collaborations with community organizations


Decrease the risk of injury, improve athletic performance, and improve overall health, wellness, and quality of life for physically active individuals through:

  • Performance and Wellness Testing