The Human Performance (HPL) and Biomotion Labs are directed by Dr. Brian Noehren and located in the Multidisciplinary Sciences (MDS) building. The HPL embodies translational science with investigators from the colleges of Health Sciences, Education, Medicine, and Engineering working side by side on projects ranging from mechanistic studies in biomechanics to cutting-edge physical therapy treatments. The laboratory occupies approximately 1,365 square feet on the first floor and contains space dedicated to evaluating biomechanics across activities ranging from basic tasks such as transitioning between sit-to-stand, to advanced tasks such as performing a running cut motion at full speed.

The Biomotion Lab occupies 1,765 square feet in the basement and contains two separate areas, one dedicated to the collection of walking and running biomechanics with a sophisticated force measuring treadmill, motion capture cameras, as well an isokinetic dynamometer. The other area contains a fully functioning physical therapy clinic with dedicated space for both resistance and endurance exercise equipment, treatment plinths and exam rooms. The Biomotion Lab provides a unique environment to mechanistically test new treatments, and also serve as the University of Kentucky Runner’s Clinic. This specialty clinic allows runners from the community to come in for a fee and have their running form and/or injuries assessed.

Major equipment in the HPL and Biomotion Lab includes: Keiser resistance exercise equipment, cycling ergometers, treadmills, Bertec and AMTI force measurement platforms, Bertec Instrumented treadmill, Biodex dynamometer, 20 Motion Capture Cameras, Delsys EMG equipment, accelerometers, novel instrumented insoles and 12 computer workstations.

Dr. Noehren has his Biomotion Computer Lab on the 4th floor of C.T. Wethington Building near the wet labs, where modeling and analyses of biomechanics data obtained from human research volunteers are performed.