Student Expectations

Student Expectations

For currently enrolled students only

In order to assist students and to ensure success in matriculating through the Human Health Sciences Program, the following expectations need to be clearly understood and agreed to by each student:


  • I understand that I will meet with my Academic Advisor at least 3 times during each semester.
  • I understand that is important that I report to my Academic Advisor any degree of difficulty that I may experience with my courses, as well as any issues regarding my personal conduct or behavior (both university policy and legal issues included).
  • I understand that faculty mentors will be available to me for academic and personal guidance and advice during the first year and that I should participate in any meetings scheduled with them to discuss my academic progress or other issues of interest.


  • I understand that I must become familiar with all student academic resources to assist my progress in the program.
  • I understand that my advisor will set goals with me at the beginning of each academic year and that it is my responsibility to seek out resources to accomplish those goals.
  • I understand that while my Academic Advisor will provide me with resources and/or referrals, it is my responsibility to seek help/input as needed.
  • I understand that a semester grade of C or lower in any required courses will raise academic concern and will require further advising assistance. It is my responsibility to seek assistance through my Academic Advisor.
  • I understand that a semester GPA of less than 3.0 will result in my academic probation in the program. 
  • I understand that to overcome academic probation,  I must abide by a plan developed by my Academic Advisor (this may include scheduled monthly meetings with my advisor, use of campus tutoring resources, regular progress meetings, etc.).  I understand that if I am placed on academic probation, and if I do not follow the plan outlined by my Academic Advisor, I may be dismissed from the program.
  • I understand that I need to be familiar with, and abide by, the policies stated in the University of Kentucky’s  Student Conduct/Rights and Responsibilities and the Health Care Colleges Code of Student Conduct


  • I understand that service is highly valued within the healthcare professions and that I should embrace service activities to prepare for my future career opportunities.
  • I understand that I will be expected to participate in at least 10 hours of service per semester.  These service hours can be logged online and maintained by my Academic Advisor.  Any opportunities to participate in inter-professional service activities are encouraged.
  • I understand that I must make every effort to participate in monthly HHS cohort informational meetings with my Academic Advisor.  These sessions will supplement my overall experience within the major and shall not count as service hours.