Madison Delk

What would you say is your number one career advantage you received by completing your Physician Assistant Studies education at CHS?

I AM proud to say that I graduated from the University of Kentucky. Employers have been happy to know that we had a full gross anatomy course. 

What advice would you give to current CHS PAS students that would help them position themselves in competitive career roles?

Make as many contacts as possible and keep up with your contacts.

What are some inter-professional experiences you had at CHS that helped give you a competitive edge?

I greatly enjoyed and appreciated my rotation in Swaziland, South Africa as well as the work I did in Mexico with other PA students. Gaining medical experiences with different cultures helps you to grow as a provider.  It is very important to remember to treat all patients like family members, because they are all family members to someone. 

You recently opened your own clinic in the Murfreesboro area. What inspired you to do so and how has the experience changed you?

My husband, Reginald, inspired me to take the plunge and purchase a practice in Murfreesboro. He owns his own business and has been a great support through the whole process. This experience has taught me a lot about the business/legal side of the medical field. My father, Dr. Troutt, has also been a great resource during this process as he is a physician with his own practice. 

Often healthcare providers have had an experience that leads them to this field. Was there an incident or experience that you had that set you on this course? What was it?

My grandfather, Dr. Blair, was a primary care provider in my home town of Morehead, Kentucky for over 40 years. Families grew up with him. He was there for them through the great times and the bad. He truly became a member of multiple families in Morehead. This was very inspiring to me and I hope to have half of the impact on his community here in Murfreesboro TN as he did in Morehead. 

What would you share with current PAS students that wasn’t necessarily something you paid enough attention to when you were a student? 

BILLING!!! Reach out to your preceptors and try to learn as much as you can about billing. It's a very complicated process that I wish I would have learned more about in school.