PT alumnus hopes to inspire more diversity in health care careers

Tyler Huff, a 2019 graduate of the physical therapy program, knows his success isn’t just for his own benefit. “As a minority in the medical field, you prove so much to yourself and others, and set an example for young boys and girls who see you working in a field where you stick out,” he said. "I know I show young people of color that they, too, can become a medical professional.” 

Huff currently works at KORT Physical Therapy in Versailles and hopes his example will inspire people of color to pursue a career in the health sciences.

“As a physical therapist, I have had the opportunity to intervene in many lives and make an impact on a patient’s quality of life,” he said. “I see myself continuing to grow as a physical therapist and developing an even greater confidence in treating every individual who walks into my clinic.”

Huff chose to earn his degree from the College of Health Sciences because of its competitive physical therapy program. He also saw living in Lexington as a great opportunity to begin and advance his career.

“The physical therapy program prepared me to become both a clinician and professional,” Huff said. “I learned how to interact with both my patients and colleagues.”

“Being in the PT program was very similar to being in a large family,” Huff continued. “You get extremely close to your classmates because of the rigors of a professional program. I developed lifelong friendships because of my time at CHS.”

In addition to helping patients, Huff is passionate about increasing the amount of diversity in the health care field.

“Patients of color can feel more comfortable when working with an individual who understands their culture more than those who are not of the same ethnicity,” Huff said. “I believe the medical field in general needs to be more diverse to minimize the amount of discrimination that can occur, either consciously or unconsciously toward patients of color.”