Student ambassador finds her gateway into health care at CHS

Kyoko Hamagata, a junior human health sciences major and student ambassador, is planning to use her College of Health Sciences education to help underserved Kentucky populations. 

Hamagata moved to Lexington during her freshman year of high school and has loved living in Kentucky since then. She wants to give back to a community that has given her so much, and hopes to do this by moving to Pikeville to practice health care.

“After medical school I want to practice in the Appalachian community. It’s my goal to provide solutions for the opioid epidemic and promote healthy lifestyles in that area,” she said.

Hamagata’s time at CHS has been instrumental in preparing her for her future career as a health care provider. “I always knew I wanted to go into health care, but wasn’t sure how to make this a reality,” she said. “After I visited the UK College of Health Sciences I knew this was were my journey would start.”

Hamagata’s first experience with the college was taking a tour with a CHS student ambassador. “I enjoyed this so much and was inspired to become an ambassador myself,” she said.

Serving as an ambassador has been the perfect way for Hamagata to spread the word about a college she loves so much. “I want people to know more about this college, because we’re doing so many amazing things,” she said.

Her time as an ambassador has also allowed her to grow closer to her peers. “There are other ambassadors who have helped me become a better person and I’m so glad I get to surround myself with positive people,” Hamagata said.

Research has also been an important part of Hamagata’s experience at CHS. “I knew going into college that I wanted to do research and hopefully get published. CHS has made this possible through my participation in the undergraduate research program,” she said.

A key part of Hamagata’s success has been the supportive community at CHS. “This college is very homey; everyone is kind and encouraging. I really like that sense of belonging whether it be with a mentor or a friend,” she said.