Congratulations to the Class of 2018!

May 11, 2018

Last Friday, we proudly watched as the Class of 2018 walked across the stage into a new season of life. We had an exceptional student and faculty turnout at our graduation reception, and I was pleased to speak with the parents of so many of our talented graduates.

It is always a privilege to see our graduates begin another adventure – whether they are walking into a professional or graduate program or stepping into hospitals, clinics, and other areas of the health care landscape.

Class of 2018 – while graduating is one of the ultimate rewards, the most rewarding experience for us is that you chose the UK College of Health Sciences as a destination along your health care journey. We have enjoyed teaching you, and in more ways than one, you have also taught us. You have modeled compassion, resilience, commitment, and dedication during your time here, and these qualities will serve you well in every circumstance you face.

Every student in this college has the opportunity to impact others, to enact change, and to offer hope to the people they meet. Thank you for spending the last few years with us, and we cannot wait to see what you accomplish next.