Patrick Cafferty

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Physician Assistant Studies

Do you remember what it was that you connected with, that let you know right away that CHS was the right place for you? 

I was attracted to UK CHS because of its reputation in my field and the success that they were having with respect to the national certification exam

Did you come to UK knowing you wanted to pursue a career in health sciences?  

Yes, I have always wanted to practice medicine and when I was discharged from the Army, I was looking for the right place to train.

What is the best advice you received from a CHS faculty member? 

“If you have never failed at something, you clearly have not challenged yourself!” 

Do you have any favorite anecdotes from being a student in CHS? 

I remember saving $2 each week to buy a pitcher of beer at the Two Keys Tavern after exams 

What do you love about your job? 

I love knowing my work is respected and beneficial to so many people. I take great pride in helping PA students succeed in their career choices and become competent and compassionate health care providers.

How do you stay inspired professionally? 

The people I work with, especially the PA students and patients that I am responsible for.

What do you hope now to accomplish in health care? 

I have been very Blessed in my career with a long list of accomplishments, and I want to continue to help the next generation of PAs be successful. 

What advice do you have for students in CHS now? 

Take every opportunity to move forward professionally. Don’t be afraid of hard work and remember that everyone has something to teach you! 

What do you wish you would have paid more attention to as a student in regards to your work in healthcare?

Probably more attention to patient wellness rather than disease management.