Holly Johnson

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Physical Therapy

Do you remember what it was that you connected with, that let you know right away that CHS was the right place for you?

I met some great PT professors who became my professional mentors like Richard McDougal, Dr. Nitz, Debbie Kelly. They made me feel so welcome to the CHS and our profession of PT. They wanted me to succeed. 

Did you come to UK knowing you wanted to pursue a career in health sciences?  

I knew I wanted to be a PT when I came to UK and CHS. My biggest fear was that I would not be a great PT and wouldn’t bring the best practices back to Eastern Kentucky. My professors helped empower me to become a life-long learner and bring the best of PT care back to the mountains. They told me I could accomplish this when I wasn’t sure I could and helped me do it.  

What do you love about your job? 

There is always something new to learn and practice in PT. It’s not a drag; it’s a true solution addressing pain and less function. 

What do you hope now to accomplish in health care?

To help PTs become the first choice in healthcare treatment for musculoskeletal disease, not pills that just cover up the problem. 

What advice do you have for students in CHS now?

Because of the current opioid crisis, you are entering the profession of PT at the most crucial time in the history of the United States. You teach people how to correctly address pain and keep moving and about loss of function.