We must first care for ourselves before we can be caregivers

March 14, 2019

As Spring Break winds down, it’s a welcome chance for all of us at the College of Health Sciences to reflect on our own health and well-being. Our jobs—whether we are faculty, staff, or students—come with their own level of demands. I am incredibly grateful for the dedication and perseverance displayed on a daily basis by all members of our college. It’s because of your contributions, and your ideas, that we consistently thrive and grow each year. Two weeks ago, one of our undergraduate students pioneered a banquet to honor students across the university who were resilient in the face of significant struggles and adversity. I’m sure there are many more stories in our college that echo pieces of what was shared at this event.

Above all, our college is a family; and family looks after one another. We are truly a campus defined by compassion, belonging, and empathy. Even more than our academic standing, it’s these characteristics that make us stronger, closer, and better. And, as we support others, we must tend to our own needs as well. I hope we can all work together to fight the stereotypes associated with mental health and engage in meaningful conversation about ways we can contribute to standing in the gap for those who struggle. Before we can send students out in the world to be caregivers, we must first give care, encouragement, and support to our own.