Congratulations to all of our graduates

May 06, 2022

Students, Faculty and Staff,

You’ve done it.

Congratulations — and I extend that sentiment to not only our students, but to our faculty and staff as well. On the heels of some of the most challenging times in our lives — or in anyone’s lives — you have persevered and reached your end goals.

I cannot say enough how proud I am.

Tonight, we will celebrate all of these achievements with our Commencement ceremony in Rupp Arena. To date, 213 students have applied for graduation, and just over 200 should be there with us this evening.

The event is always special, but I’d like to remind everyone that many in this class of students committed to us not knowing that the world would be a vastly different place by the time they graduated. These students, along with our amazing faculty and staff, came together to pivot and evolve — these students trusted that we could continue to educate them in the best ways possible.

And that is exactly what we did. For that I thank all of you.

Tonight we will honor 169 undergraduate students, 40 graduate students and four professional/PhD students.

Spring Commencement:

  • Total number of CHS students participating in commencement: 202
  • Degree Applicants: 213
  • Undergraduate graduates: 169
  • Graduate graduates: 40
  • Professional/PhD, etc.: 4

This is an exciting time for students, as well as faculty and staff. Let’s all go out, celebrate, and be safe.


And continue to stay healthy and well,