Just Because it’s Summer, Doesn’t Mean it’s Vacation

June 03, 2022

Faculty, Staff and Students,

First, I want to again say I hope all of you are healthy and well. As the weather outside grows warmer, I wish all of you the opportunity to get outside and enjoy some of this sunshine.

But just because it’s summer, that does not mean we’re all on vacation. In fact, you need to look no further than the classrooms and laboratories in the College of Health Sciences to see how our faculty, staff and students rarely take a break.

Last month, a large group of our students accepted their diplomas and graduated. But I think at this time of the year, it is important to remember that most most of our professional and graduate students are still in classes — and it takes the assistance of our faculty, staff and support services to see that they have the best educational experience possible.

In fact, when you consider our campuses in Hazard and Morehead, we have what should be deemed a year-round operation, as these graduate and professional programs are all still active enrollment/activity in the summer:

  • Athletic Training
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Physical Therapy (both campuses)
  • Physician Assistant Studies (both campuses)
  • Medical Laboratory Science (all campuses/modalities)
  • Rehabilitation and Health Sciences PhD Program

And while the undergraduate courses in Communication Sciences and Disorders, Clinical Leadership and Management and Human Health Sciences are on break, both CLM and HHS offer online courses during these summer months.

My thanks go out to all of these faculty, staff and support services who continue to teach, research and help these students, as we continue to make this College the best place to learn on our entire campus.

I only ask that you all — students included — carve out some time to rest and tend to your well-being. It has been a challenging year for everyone, and you cannot forget to take care of yourselves.

Congratulations again on an amazing year — and stay healthy and well,