The UK College of Health Sciences Brand

The University of Kentucky College of Health Sciences brand is more than a logo or tagline. Our brand is what we stand for and what we offer to our community. The CHS brand is our story— moving, living, and evolving. Our compelling brand stories are found in our people and in the lives that we impact.

Our brand aligns with the UK brand, while maintaining our individuality. The CHS brand is singular. We are one college and one brand. In other words, although each health sciences discipline is unique, there is not a separate brand for each discipline. In everything we do, from introducing ourselves at campus meetings to selecting an imprint for promotional items, we are the UK College of Health Sciences first.

Protected Resources

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Brand Resources

Gateway Magazine is produced by the Office of Advancement twice each year, with winter and summer issues. The magazine's primary purpose is increasing awareness and appreciation of the work of the College, our alumni, and the health professions in general. The magazine features news about our College, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends. We welcome feedback and ideas.

Program Information Sheets are produced by the Office of Advancement in conjunction with the Office of Student Affairs. The Information Sheets provide a brief summary of each of the College of Health Sciences' Academic Programs.

The Office of Advancement manages the College's primary social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. While we do not create program-specific accounts for the College, we do need to be informed if your office or program creates an account. Additionally, we ask that a member of the Advancement team be made a co-manager of any CHS social media accounts. We reserve the right to monitor social media content posted on any CHS-affiliated accounts for appropriateness and accuracy. Please review the University's Social Media Policy below. Any CHS social media accounts are expected to adhere to UK's guidelines.

The Office of Advancement is pleased to offer its guidance and expertise in regard to logo usage to our faculty and staff. Promotional items are things such as t-shirts, ink pens, luggage tags, etc. The university maintains a set of rules and standards for use of the logo. Please see below for more information.

About the UK Logo

The UK logo is a valuable, visual representation of the University and its colleges and programs. The UK logo is a registered trademark of the University and may not be altered or recreated in any way. The UK logo includes the UK word-mark, institutional signature, and unit/departmental signatures. The UK logo is protected through the University’s licensing program. For more information on the UK logo, including usage guidelines, download the UK Graphic Standards Manual.

What does that mean for us?

Any promotional item with the UK logo or UK CHS logo on it must be produced by an official University of Kentucky Licensee, and designs must be approved by the University’s licensing office. The list of approved vendors is here. Tip: Before contacting a company to get an estimate, check the approved vendor list. If a vendor is not on the list, that vendor cannot produce items with the logo on them.

Does anyone at UK need to approve the artwork for the promo item?

Any item imprinted with the UK logo is subject to review by the University’s licensing office, which has the authority to reject the artwork or ask for modifications. The approved vendor will automatically submit items for approval. Thus, no additional steps are involved for you. Tip: Before getting too far into the process, please contact the College’s Communications Director, Ryan Clark. He can help you avoid the headaches caused by delays due to unapproved vendors, rejected artwork, and other issues.

Where can I get more information or help?

If you have questions, feel free to contact For a list of approved promo item vendors, and for general information on the process, please visit this webpage.