Administrative Regulation 6:3

The KPDES sMS4 Permit requires the University to establish legal authority to control discharges to and from the MS4. This legal authority may be a combination of statutes, ordinances, permits, contracts, orders, or inter-jurisdictional agreements that accomplish the following:

  • Control the contribution of pollutants to the MS4 by stormwater discharges associated with construction and post-construction activity
  • Prohibit illicit non-stormwater discharges to the MS4
  • Prohibit the discharge of spills and the dumping or disposal of materials other than stormwater into the MS4
  • Enforce compliance with ordinances, permits, contracts, or orders relating to discharges to the MS4
  • Carry out all inspection, surveillance, and monitoring procedures necessary to determine compliance with permit conditions

Unlike a city or county that utilizes an ordinance-based governance, the University complies with this requirement through its Departmental Policies, Contracts, and Administrative Regulations. Administrative Regulations (ARs) are policies adopted the University’s President to implement the Governing Regulations and provide for the general administration and oversight of the University. ARs are official rules or directives that, among other things:

  1. Mandate requirements for members of the University community
  2. Ensure the consistent and equitable application of policies and procedures
  3. Enhance the University’s mission, reduce institutional risk, and/or promote operational efficiency
  4. Help achieve compliance with applicable federal or state law, local ordinance, or accrediting bodies

Administrative Regulation 6:3 specifically mandates compliance and assigns specific responsibilities associated with the implementation of the University’s health, safety, and environmental protection programs.

View the Official Policy: AR 6:3 Environmental Health and Safety [PDF]

Through AR 6:3 the University has established broad, yet comprehensive authority over its population of faculty, staff, and students regarding compliance with local, state, and federal environmental regulations including MS4 Permit requirements.

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