Delinquent Accounts

Review Internal Collection Account

Students receive multiple account statements and past due notices throughout the semester from Student Account Services. Once a semester ends, unpaid past due account balances enter an internal collection status.

Outstanding balances must be paid in full, or payment arrangements established to avoid placements with an external collection agency.

The student is responsible for ensuring all contact information is current with the University of Kentucky.

Please contact with any questions concerning past due balances.

If you believe tuition, fees, or other charges are inaccurate, you have the right to appeal this debt, visit for information concerning the University’s appeal process.


Pay Internal Collection Account

You can pay your past due balance in full by visiting myUK. A UK linkblue account is required to access myUK. Payments can be made by credit card (2.25% service fee) or by electronic check (no fee).

Check and money order payments may be mailed to:

Office of Student Account Services
18 Funkhouser Building
Lexington, KY 40506-0054

To ensure proper credit make checks payable to the University of Kentucky. Please include the student's account number. All dishonored checks will be charged $25.

Financial holds will be removed when balance has been paid in full.

Balances must be paid in full before students can receive transcripts, diplomas, or allowed future registration.