Fee Appeals

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Tuition, Mandatory Fee & Course/Program Fee Appeals

Late Payment Fee Appeals

Housing/Dining Appeals

Housing Damage Fee Appeals

Student Statement of Obligation

The Student Statement of Obligation is signed electronically each semester by the student at the time of registration. By signing this statement a student is contractually agreeing to the financial obligation.

Please read the following statement and then click the accept button at the bottom of this page to continue the registration process.

The University of Kentucky’s official method of correspondence with students is via the UK assigned email address. I understand that I am responsible for regularly (not less than once per week) accessing my UK assigned email account and for taking any required action indicated in official university correspondence sent to this address.

Financial Obligation

Request and completion of registration constitutes a contractual financial obligation to pay tuition and fees for which I am liable. I am responsible for reading and understanding the current Drop/Refund policy of the University as it appears in the current Schedule of Classes. Permission to cancel enrollment does not constitute, nor shall it be construed as, a waiver by UK of my financial obligation. I understand that any financial assistance I receive will be applied against my billed charges to reduce my financial obligation.

I am responsible for all outstanding debts and contracts with the University. The University reserves the right to assess financial penalties on any indebtedness. Any past-due accounts may be referred to an outside collection agency which could result in such collection fees. If my account is referred to an outside collection agency, I understand and agree to reimburse the University for the fees of any collection agency, which may be based on a percentage at a maximum of 33% of the debt, and all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, the University incurs in such collection efforts

I authorize the University, its vendor partners, collection agencies and its respective agents and contractors to contact me regarding my loan request or my loan(s) and/or other accounts, including repayment of my loan(s) and/or other accounts, at the current or any future number that I provide for my cellular phone or other wireless device using automated telephone equipment or artificial or pre-recorded voice or text messages.

I understand that the University is required to report certain qualified tuition and expenses billed to me to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on an annual basis on a Form 1098-T. If the University is required to file a Form 1098-T for me, I will be required to provide my social security number (SSN) or other taxpayer identification number (TIN). I understand that failure to provide a SSN and TIN when required may result in a penalty imposed by the IRS and may affect my ability to claim certain federal education tax credits or deductions for qualified tuition and expenses. I understand that the Form 1098-T is provided online through myUK each calendar year.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, as amended, is a federal law that protects the privacy and confidentiality of personally identifiable information contained within student education records. The University of Kentucky complies with FERPA's confidentiality protections and adheres to procedures dealing with student education records and directory information recommended by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers. Click here for additional information and student rights.

Note: Copies of the Drug-Free Policy can be found in the UK Bulletin and Schedule of Classes which can be obtained from the Registrar's Office or the following website: http://www.uky.edu/Registrar/newhome/drugpolfrm.html

Tuition, Mandatory Fee & Course/Program Fee Appeals 

The Tuition Appeals Review Committee normally meets bi-weekly to consider appeals. Students may complete the Application for Tuition Fees Appeal (PDF) and submit that, along with supporting documentation (see address/FAX on form). Tuition appeals will not be considered as long as the student is enrolled or has received grades which do not represent withdrawal – “W” grade or “N” grade. All appeals must include supporting documentation and be received by the Office of the Registrar no later than one (1) year after the end of the term being appealed. The student will be notified via email of the decision of the committee. The decision of the committee is final.

The committee will consider the following appeals:

  • Extended incapacitation/hospitalization of the student due to a medical emergency or illness. Supporting documentation must include a statement from the student’s physician on the physician’s letterhead.
  • Death of a student’s immediate family member – with certification. Immediate family is defined as father, mother, child, spouse, sibling, stepfather, stepmother, stepchild, step siblings or grandparents.
  • Documented family financial crises – i.e., father/mother loss of job or health emergency, accompanied by supporting documentation/
  • Involuntary job transfers or changes – documented by the employer – that prevent the student from attending classes.
  • Military orders that prevent the student from attending classes. Documentation to include a copy of the orders. Also, please refer to Senate Rule Credit for Students Who Withdraw to Enter Military Service.
  • Error in academic advising resulting in inappropriate course enrollment. The student must submit documentation (emails or other documents) that support this.
  • Late notification of denial to a specific degree program, accompanied by supporting documentation.
  • Late notification of the denial or delay in the delivery of financial aid funds, accompanied by supporting documentation.

Late Payment Fee Appeals

The Late Payment Fee Appeals Review Committee meets as needed to consider appeals. Once reviewed, the student will be notified if the appeal has been approved or denied. Students may complete the Application for Tuition Fees Appeal (PDF) and submit that, along with supporting documentation (see contact information on form).

Late payment fee appeals will be considered for the following reasons:

  • University Error
  • Delay in Financial Aid
  • Payment delays due to outside scholarships, VA, 3rd party processing
  • Banking errors
  • Student hardship/illness

The Office of Financial Aid or other University departments must provide written notification of error before such appeals will be granted.


Housing/Dining Appeals

To appeal Housing and/or Dining charges, please visit:  http://www.uky.edu/hdac/.



Housing Damage Fee Appeals


To appeal Housing damage charges please visit https://auxweb.ad.uky.edu/ughousing/forms/damageappeal.aspx