Guest Access

On myUK, students may authorize a third party (parent, friend, relative, etc.) to access their student account to:
•    View balance only and make payments
•    View all transactions and make payments
•    View monthly student account statement
•    View yearly IRS 1098-T form

To authorize a guest:

•    Log in to myUK --> myInfo --Guest Access.
•    Enter the guest email address and determine the type of access you want to authorize.
•    Indicate expiration date for your guest.

You can set up multiple guests with account access.   You will receive an e-mail if your guests make payments on your account.

Once authorized:

The guest receives an email with the link to Guest Access, where a password is set up.  Guests have the ability to view financial transactions and/or make payments by credit card or electronic check.  

Guest Access provides convenience and flexibility for students and guests for managing student accounts.